MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-Tech Admission via Management Quota

MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-Tech Admission via Management Quota

MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-Tech Admission via Management Quota. In case if you are seeking to enlist for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-Tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch to get best training in bachelor degree stream. We are here to guide and help you to get a seat in this Institute. Get in touch with us for further more details or register with us, (

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MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-Tech Admission via Management Quota

About the Institute

MIT-World Peace University (MIT-WPU) is situated in Pune- the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Surrounded by the Western Ghats, located on the Deccan Plateau on the banks of the serene Mula-Mutha River. The city of Pune boasts of a rich and vibrant heritage witnessing the courage and bravery of the Marathas and Peshwas. A thriving vibrant metropolis it has still retained some of its colonial-era charm.

Vision & Mission:

  • To be a leading University Of Excellence, promoting the “Culture of Peace” through Value-based “Universal Education System”, with a firm belief that “Union of Science and Religion / Spirituality alone will bring peace to mankind”.
  • To be a world class space of intellectual distinction in creating extensively trained professionals who will stand for eternal human values and world peace as complete global citizens.
  • To create a synergy of academics with technology, technology with research, research with industry, industry with economy and economy with social innovation, leading to world peace and positive change in the society. Get MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch
  • To identify, enhance, hone and nurture the strength of every student to apply scientific knowledge to touch the life of human beings.
  • To foster the spirit of inquiry and imagination in students, to push the envelope of human knowledge and come up with innovative and ground-breaking solutions for well-being of the world.
  • To create value and intellectual capital for society that will act as a prime mover for development of the society. Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch
  • To promote the ‘Idea of India’ by sensitizing students about the ethos of democracy, vision of leadership and culture of good governance.
  • Co-creation and partnership with individuals and organizations that can support students realize their supreme potential.

Undergraduate Courses (B.Tech)

(Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch)

  1. B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  2. B-Tech in Electrical Engineering
  3. B-Tech in Civil Engineering
  4. B-Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
  5. B-Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering
  6. B-Tech in Petroleum Engineering
  7. B-Tech in Chemical Engineering
  8. B-Tech in Polymer Engineering
  9. B-Tech in Robotics & Automation Engineering

World Peace University Scheme

(Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch)

Backed by a Holistic Approach to Learning designed to Transform Life. This Method of imparting higher education follows a continuously evolving learning pedagogy backed by Research, Collaboration, Technology, Field Studies, Live Projects and Peace Curriculum. Get an edge over your peers as you prepare to reach for higher oals both in business & in life.

Peace Studies: (Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch)
Students experience a unique integrated Peace Curriculum as a part of all study programs of higher education. The peace studies are not only incorporating ancient practices of learning through Yoga and Meditation, but also focus on Social Entrepreneurship and Human Dynamics. Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch .The program is designed by renowned experts and promotes the concept of attaining ‘World Peace’ through the mechanism of Learning, Practicing, Living, Sharing, Spreading and Securing Peace.

Trimester Pattern: (Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch)
The curriculum for all undergraduate and postgraduate study programs is based on extensive Trimester Pattern of studies. This pattern ensures that the curriculum is in-depth and highly engaging for students during the entire tenure of the program. The Trimester Pattern ensures that the students gain from much wider and multi-dimensional knowledge to give them a distinct edge over their peers when they join the Industry.

Two Faculty Method: (Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch)
A unique methodology for imparting education was derived to optimize learning through classroom lectures for the students. In Two Faculty Teaching Model, two Teachers address one classroom. The Selection of Faculty under this mechanism is carried out with due diligence such that one teacher conducts the class / case / lecture, while the other teacher will compliment by adding different value added facets to the Teaching-Learning Process. Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch.

The team of faculties identified always complement each other in terms of knowledge, skill-sets, experience and giving every student the required attention. This method is applied for about 50% of Lectures / Sessions in any given study program. These lectures are always pre-planned and mentioned in lecture records. The interactive sessions generate insightful and conflict free discussions through effective moderation by the Faculties. Students are grouped to facilitate collaborative learning through idea exchange. Availability of two teachers covers all possible learning gaps.

Academic Collaborations: (Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch)
This Institute is committed to establish academic collaboration with 200 top Universities and Institutions worldwide to ensure a rich learning pedagogy. The intent is to have regular interactions with Global Universities for tapping best academic approaches and cultural exchange.

Live Projects: (Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch)
Learning pedagogy is designed to offer a 360 degree learning absorption mechanism for a student. Recognizing that no single method can offer complete learning, this method combines different delivery methods such as –Live Projects for a comprehensive knowledge enhancement in the field of specialization. Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch .This method emphasizes on learning the concept by doing and application. The Live projects are designed to enable students develop practical skills while learning the concept behind the model.

Mentor-Mentee Network: (Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch)
It is a specially designed program, which draws from the age old Indian Guru (teacher) and Shishya (Disciple) parampara (culture). In this program, knowledge on multiple dimensions is imparted to a student through the developing relationship between the Mentor and the Mentee. Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch. There are regular sessions of mentors with their mentees that help in overall development and tracking of progress for ensuring results and setting new benchmarks for further excellence. The Mentor Mentee Network is available to all students.

About Placement: (Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch)
The Placement Office aims at helping our students acquire the best possible employability and entrepreneurship skills. Accordingly we organize various well designed and tailor made training programmes both by industry experts as well as professionals, to equip the students with Soft skills, Interview techniques, Group Discussion skills, Personality Development skills, Written/Aptitude/On-line test skills etc. This systematic way of molding clearly reflects in maximizing placements of our students in various top MNCs/Foreign Companies/Corporates in India and abroad, with handsome packages. Many of our students currently occupy very senior positions in the Industry. Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Direct B-tech Admission ‘2024’ Batch.

  • To ensure best possible Career Opportunities to all our students, as per their Aspirations & Profiles.
  • To facilitate and Guide the students in achieving their best Career Objectives.

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