MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology BLR Direct Admission

MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology BLR Direct Admission

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MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology BLR Direct Admission

M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT)

M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology (M.S.R.I.T) was started in 1962 by Late Dr. M S Ramaiah, our Founder Chairman who was a renowned visionary, philanthropist, and pioneer in creating several landmark infrastructure projects in India. Noticing the shortage of talented engineering professionals required to build a modern India, M.S.R.I.T as an institute of excellence imparting quality and affordable education. Part of Gokula Education Foundation, M.S.R.I.T has grown over the years with significant contributions from various professionals in different capacities, ably led by Dr. M. S Ramaiah himself, whose personal commitment has seen the institution through its formative years. Today, M.S.R.I.T stands tall as one of India’s finest names in Engineering Education and has produced around 35,000 engineering professionals who occupy responsible positions across the globe.

Admission Process

  • Candidates applying for B.E. course must have passed 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects and Chemistry/Biotechnology/Biology/Computer Science/Electronics as optional subjects.
  • To apply for B.E program a candidate must score minimum 45% marks in HSC.

There are Plenty of Options

  • Growth opportunities
  • Location, location, location
  • Competitive salary
  • In demand
  • Every day is different *
  • Work benefits society
  • Professional work environment

Future Holds for Engineers?

  • Engineering for Faster Idea Sharing (and fun)

Computer engineers will still be in high demand, with the pace of change in this industry continuing to skyrocket. As well as new devices to make information sharing more efficient (such as mobile or PDA technology), games and social software will continue to provide a fun and creative career option.

  • Engineering a Source of Light

Photonics is a big growth area of electrical engineers. In photonics, you look at how light (including lasers) can be used in areas such as medical diagnostics, data communication, fusion energy or laser defense. Fiber-optic technology, barcode scanners and laser printers are all examples of photonics in action.

  • Engineering in Business

You may be surprised to learn that engineering is the most common undergraduate degree amongst Fortune 500 CEOs. Many business leaders start with engineering because it helps them to develop their problem-solving skills .it is possible to combine an engineering degree with a business degree. In Australia, you can study a five-year double degree in Engineering and Business Administration or Engineering and Commerce at Macquarie University. It’s a great study option if you want to combine a commercial point of view with an innovative way of looking at problems.

Myth and Reality

Having understood the education scenario, parents should free themselves of a few myths that surround them, and make a fair decision concerning the future of their ward.

  • One should be a professional such as a doctor, lawyer or engineer to be successful in life. Other degree programmers are not useful.
  • Marks scored in higher secondary are a true reflection of one’s intelligence, and the one who has scored 95 per cent is more intelligent than others.
  • Those who studied higher secondary education in vernacular medium cannot shine in professional courses taught in English.
  • Unemployment is high, so campus placement is everything.
  • An engineering degree in the most popular branch, with 8.0 CGPA and above will definitely fetch a job.

Choosing an Engineering Education

  • Every parent should orient the child towards finding out their natural interest and the aptitude for the particular subject or branch of study.
  • Parents should avoid deciding for the candidate.
  • For a strong-willed person, if the choice is made based on his/her liking and natural taste, then studying that branch will be the best thing rather than joining any other branch, for whatever reason.
  • It is not wise to join a branch of study because it is popular or because the job opportunities are high.
  • The choice of institution is also critical.

Contact Ace Guru Education Services or Visit our Websites- or you can send us email at – [email protected] Call @ 9742479101 Ankit Mishra, 9742886036 Anis, 9035556036 Mayur Gautam.

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