MIT Engineering College Pune B-Tech Direct Admission

MIT Engineering College Pune B-Tech Direct Admission

We aimed at provide MIT Engineering College Pune B-Tech Direct Admission required help to student to make understand their abilities and choose a career path appropriately. Our services included of counselling by group of pre-planned services which brings best guidance to those who want to choose their career.

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MIT Engineering College Pune B-Tech Direct Admission
MIT Engineering College Pune B-Tech Direct Admission

About M.I.T Engineering College, Pune

MAEER’S Maharashtra Institute of Technology (M.I.T), established in 1983, is today amongst the top engg colleges in India. The news magazine ‘Outlook’ has ranked M.I.T as 1st in Maharashtra & 11th in India amongst the finest Private engg Colleges. M.I.T is affiliated to the University of Pune and recognized by the Government of Maharashtra and the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi.

M.I.T, Institutes offer four year degree courses in various branches of engg and post graduate courses in select areas. Admission to all courses is based on merit as per rules and norms laid down by the Director Technical Education ( DTE), Maharashtra State. Register MIT Engineering College Pune B-Tech Direct Admission in 2022 year

Under Graduate Program

  1. B.Tech in Civil
  2. B.Tech in Mechanical
  3. B.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication
  4. B.Tech in Polymer
  5. B.Tech in Petroleum
  6. B.Tech in Mechanical Sandwich Pattern
  7. B.Tech in Computer
  8. B.Tech in Petrochemical
  9. B.Tech in Information Technology


B.Tech in Mechanical
(Department of Mechanical under MITPUNE is now MIT-WPU School of Mechanical)
Mechanical finds applications in all fields of technology. These engineers are required in automobile, chemical, electronics, steel, and fertilizer industries. Register MIT Engineering College Pune B-Tech Direct Admission in 2022 year

B.Tech in Civil
(Department of Civil under MITPUNE is now MIT-WPU School of Civil)
A Civil Engineer has to work in diverse fields viz. Irrigation, Dams, Canals, Hydropower, Roads, Railways, Buildings, Industrial Structures, Bridges, Docks, Harbours, Airfields, Tunnels, Environmental (including Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Systems) etc. Register MIT Engineering College Pune B-Tech Direct Admission in 2022 year

B.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication
(Department of Electronics & Telecommunication under MITPUNE is now MIT-WPU School of Electronics & Communication)
E&TC graduates find wide opportunities in today’s growing communications era. This course has been designed by the University of Pune in consultation with senior industrialists in the Electronics & Telecommunication field. The career paths followed are diverse ranging from electronic product design to heavy electrical plant maintenance, from research to production, from technical focus to customer focus. Register MIT Engineering College Pune B-Tech Direct Admission in 2022 year

B.Tech in Computer Science
(Department of Computer under MITPUNE is now MIT-WPU School of Computer Science)
We are indeed living in the computer age. Today computers are used in a wide range of applications. Whether it is a medical application or banking , computers are used to solve complex problems in an efficient manner in a short time. Since the ever-advancing field of computer technology has got a wide range of applications, computer engineers have a promising future.

B.Tech in Information Technology
(Department of Information Technology under MITPUNE is now MIT-WPU School of Information Technology)
The pivotal role of the technical education system in facilitating and expediting the process of economic and industrial development of the country is well recognized. Technical education is one of the most significant components of human resource development spectrum with great potential for adding value to products and services, for contributing to the national economy, and for improving the quality of the life of the people.

B.Tech in Petroleum
(Department of Petroleum under MITPUNE is now MIT-WPU School of Petroleum)
The four years degree course in Petroleum offered by the institute is permanently affiliated to Pune University and is accredited by AICTE. Over seven hundred graduate and postgraduate students have been graduated from this department since 1987 and are working at different positions in Petroleum Industry in India and abroad with great distinction.

B.Tech in Petrochemical
In view of the ever increasing demand for petroleum and petrochemicals as energy resources and for consumption as commodity products a curriculum in the branches of Petroleum and Petrochemical was evolved by the University of Pune. Maharashtra Institute of Technology takes pride in offering these high technology oriented professional degree courses to the young students aspiring for challenging career.

B.Tech in Polymer
(Department of Polymer under MITPUNE is now MIT-WPU School of Polymer)
Plastics and polymers have been inseparable parts of our lives since the last decade. From the humble “carry-bag” to the auto-components to those in space crafts, it is difficult to imagine life without plastics. The polymer industry has seen unprecedented growth in the last few decades.

B.Tech in Structural and Applied Mechanics
Department of Applied Mechanics has well-equipped laboratories and experienced senior faculty. It is fully involved in the task of teaching the core subjects like Mechanics for first year engg students of all disciplines, Strength of Materials, Analysis and Design of reinforced Concrete Structures, Steel Structures, Pre-stressed Concrete Structures and Concrete Technology and Theory of Structures to Civil discipline.

Communication Laboratory

Communication is the most important aspect of the current scenario of work.Presentation skills play a major role along with the educational qualifications.

From placements to future promotional aspects, communication skills are required everywhere. Taking the same into consideration, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, provides students with the facility of Communication Laboratory.

Laboratory in-charge, Shrutkirti Fadnavis, assists the students to develop every aspect of personality and communication skills by maintaining a high level of interaction.

What is a Communication Laboratory?
A Language Laboratory comprising of multimedia enabled computers and a language software that enhances the communication skills of a student and aids the student with regards to preparation for the corporate world and further education.

What is the significance of a Communication Laboratory?
The Communication laboratory develops the following aspects of the student:

  • Enhancing the level of language.
  • Improving and developing the basic grammatical skills.
  • Enhancing conversational skills.
  • Improvement in confidence level.
  • Increasing vocabulary.
  • Preparing the students better for the competent exams in terms of language.
  • Improvement in the pronunciation.
  • Improvement in sentence formation
  • Performance evaluation

Finance and Costing for Engineers

Mechanical Engg Department conducted a certificate course on “Finance and Costing for Engineers” under department ++ activity. The course was designed to provide insights and knowledge of an organization from financial perspective for engg students.

This is an introductory course to understand the importance of finance in industry. The course started from 15th Feb 2017 for which there is a good response from all branches of M.I.T and industry. Total 31 students have registered for the course out of which 6 from other branches of M.I.T.

Course Highlights:
  1. Product costing, Breakeven Analysis and Cost Reduction and Cost Control techniques.
  2. Reading financial statements such as Balance sheet and Income Statement. Register MIT Engineering College Pune B-Tech Direct Admission in 2022 year
  3. Concepts such as Working capital and Capital Structure of a company.
  4. Course Duration: 20 hours (Conducted in period of 15th Feb 2017 to 30th March 2017)
  5. Course Fees 1200/-.
  6. Resource Person Dr. Rashmi Paranjpye (PhD Finance)
  7. Coordinators (1.) Prof. Dr. S.T. Chavan (2.) Prof. A.H.Pawar.

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