Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering Bangalore 2024

Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering Bangalore 2023. Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering Bangalore 2024. Today in this Article I will be giving you some Basic Information about RV College of Engineering Bangalore 2024 Batch.

if you are still confused what is Direct Admission or Management Quota Admission you can read my Article – of Direct Admission Management Quota

RV College is one of the Top Engineering College in Bangalore This college count on top 5 among list of College in Bangalore.

In this Post I will be covering about Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering Bangalore of 2023 Batch subheading will be- Direct Admission- RV College- Engineering- Bangalore- 2024.

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Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering Bangalore 2024

Direct Admission

Direct admission is the process by which a student can gain entry to a college for a particular course.

The student who gets entry into a college through this process has to pay a little more than a candidate who secured the admission through entrance tests or through examination scores.

Whenever you visit a larger school, you’re likely to hear this phrase Direct Admission.

This practice is not a new thing in college admissions. The engineering and pharmacy schools at Rutgers allowed it 36 years ago when I started college.

Lately the opportunity for direct admission has asp extended into undergraduate colleges of business, public policy and journalism. Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering Bangalore 2024

Direct admission means admission without taking any entrance examinations. It is also known as an admission under the management quota.

The management reserves some seats for direct admission which are known as Management quota seats.

25% of the total engineering seats in any particular college are under the management quota. Direct admission is generally done in private colleges/institutions.

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RVCE Direct Admission 2022

Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering Bangalore 2024

Who can go for Direct Admission?

Candidates who can consider for direct admission in B.Tech 2024 programmed include:

  • Those who haven’t received good marks in the Engineering entrance examination 2024.
  • Those who do not wish to take a year’s gap for pursuing the course.
  • Those who haven’t appeared for the entrance examination or who don’t want to appear in any such examinations.

Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering

RV College of Engineering Offers Direct Admission in Various Courses like- Btech, BE, MTECH, MCA, ETC.

IF you are not able to get good rank in COMEDK OR KCET YOU CAN JOIN RVCE College

Through Management Quota Seats RV College is the best College where you can study Engineering through Direct Admission.

 SO I will explain you the process of Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering-

RV College of Engineering-

RV College is Also Known as RVCE it is Bangalore top Engineering college RVCE College offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate

  • B.E Courses- Total Intake
  • Aerospace Engineering- 60
  • Biotechnology- 60
  • Chemical Engineering-   40
  • Civil Engineering- 120
  • Computer Science & Engineering- 180
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering- 180
  • Electronics & Electrical Engineering- 60
  • Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering- 60
  • Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering- 60
  • Industrial Engineering & Management- 60
  • Mechanical Engineering – 120
  • Information Science Engineering- 60

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RV College of Engineering Bangalore courses Fess Structure

PG courses offered at Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering

M.Tech, MCADepartmentIntake
Computer Integrated & ManufacturingMechanical18
Communication SystemsElectronics & Communication18
Computer Science & EngineeringComputer Science18
Computer Network EngineeringComputer Science18
Digital CommunicationElectronics & Telecommunication36
Highway TechnologyCivil18
Information TechnologyInformation Science18
Machine DesignMechanical18
Product Design & ManufacturingMechanical36
Power ElectronicsElectrical & Electronics18
Radio Frequency & Microwave EngineeringElectronics & Telecommunication18
Structural EngineeringCivil18
Software EngineeringInformation Science18
VLSI Design & Embedded SystemsElectronics & Communication36
Master in Computer ApplicationsMCA120

RV College of Engineering Direct Admission Process-

You can get Admission by three steps- First step you can get Admission in RV College by through Management Quota Seats, second by Giving Entrance Exams like- COMEDK, OR KCET ENTRANCE exams and the Eligibility criteria should be 60% in all PCM

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Procedure for direct admission at RV College of Engineering

Eligibility Criteria for RV College of Engineering Direct Admission

RVCE offers management quota admission to students who have good academic scores in class 10th, 11th, 12th or graduation.

This is to make sure that all students complete the course on time and get campus placements.

Eligibility criteria for B.E direct admission:

☑️ Minimum 70% marks in science & mathematics subjects separately in class 10th.

☑️ Minimum 65% marks in physics & mathematics subjects separately in class 11th.

☑️ Minimum 60% marks in physics & mathematics subjects separately in class 12th.

☑️ Must have appeared in either CET, COMEDK, JEE Mains, or any other national level entrance exams.

If class 12th results are not announced, seat booking can be done on the basis of class 10th & 11th marks.

Eligibility criteria for M.Tech direct admission:

☑️ Minimum 50% marks in B.E or B.Tech.

☑️ Must have written PGCET or have a valid score in GATE exam.

Eligibility criteria for MCA direct admission:

☑️ Minimum 50% marks in BCA.

☑️ Must have written PGCET or KMAT entrance exam.

RVCE Management quota admission Process

Document Verification:

You must provide the essential documents to the college for verification.

If you have scored marks as per the eligibility criteria for admission in UG or PG courses, you are eligible for admission.

Fee Payment:

You must pay the first year tuition fee and development fee to block a seat under management quota.

Fee and donation have to be paid in two separate demand drafts in favor of “Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust”.

Seat Allotment for RVCE

In this section, I will be giving you a complete idea about the percentage of seats that will be before the management quota. Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering Bangalore 2024

In every engineering college, only a few seats will be allotted through the management quota. The other seats are given through entrance exams.

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Does RV College offer Management Quota Paid Seats?

  • Karnataka CET – 45% seats.
  • COMEDK – 30%.
  • Management quota – 25%.
  • GATE – 80% seats.
  • Management quota – 20% seats.

The main facilities available in the college are:

  • Food court.
  • Outdoor and indoor sports.
  • Transportation Facilities.
  • In-campus health center.
  • In-camps banks.
  • In-campus Post-Office.
  • High-speed internet facilities.
  • Hostel facility for boys and girls.
  • Seminar Halls.

Engineering in BANGALORE 2024 College Direct Admission

The public colleges do not provide direct admission to students; only by giving entrance examinations can students take admission in them.

JEE Main and JEE Advanced are national-level examinations for admission in engineering, while KCET is an engineering entrance exam conducted by KEA for admissions in-state college Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering Bangalore 2024

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RV College Direct Admission in Management Quota

RVCE Bangalore Direct Admission CUTOFF FOR 2023

RVCE KCET Cut Off 2022KCET Cut Off Round20212020201820172016Round 1Round 2

BE Computer Science and Engineering3659326412924084002012751937733478436207728185433938895321770917499664
BE Information Science & Engineering495158353376659344936233329816446652694926223
BE Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning62820951734551402650575300229384291476213310524
BE Electronics & Communication Engineering2067440223267812582355498912855222960774414534507137822309627224292546412323672048
BE Aerospace Engineering29661423356811501422833683440269727981416227490746128531
BE Mechanical Engineering102392851110942346760093336394941443760227602860319277117762621311424756432797031829
BE Electrical and Electronics Engineering26521028259869797477374730632175232740319123127897923
BE Electronics & Telecom Engineering798412996284188479057558542505565172995170413954138792388733406
BE Biotechnology71712503108351154792077220483246003172302022036862027
BE Civil Engineering146151065118090232061321315901111841175211658254253439118520162383052219527202731900016706
BE Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering1017521881179030539179321099068655263272217226732023216894191
BE Industrial Engineering & Management2214991962678641865378681829219861226111180330061808613764824802
BE Chemical Engineering917130791124618404640016479588875736152305

RVCE Karnataka-PGCET Cut Off 2022Karnataka-PGCET Cut Off Round202120182017Round 1

M.Tech Computer Network Engineering3424410743264098611269292082
M.Tech Power Electronics369943393843409943907115
M.Tech Structural Engineering962108130206530102974
M.Tech Highway Technology24732599272226032579
M.Tech VLSI Design & Embedded System139273725372195236931401747454
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering113310918514646662876
M.Tech Machine Design3452461457013986
M.Tech Software Engineering48405771560749466156
M.Tech Information Technology46566245561850795918
M.Tech Product Design & Manufacturing71027434786674077686
M.Tech Computer Integrated Manufacturing715276307362
M.Tech Biotechnology72427657
M.Tech Communication Systems7543
M.Tech Digital Communication7617
M.Tech Radio Frequency & Microwave Engineering7706

RVCE COMEDK-UGET Cut Off 2022COMEDK-UGET Cut Off Round20212017Round 1

BE Computer Science and Engineering225846
BE Information Science & Engineering2981188
BE Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning402
BE Electronics & Communication Engineering8672834
BE Electrical and Electronics Engineering184823199
BE Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering293828679
BE Mechanical Engineering418824866
BE Aerospace Engineering433121021
BE Chemical Engineering5854
BE Biotechnology764036942
BE Industrial Engineering & Management8989
BE Civil Engineering1065031571