Procedure for direct admission at RV College of Engineering

Getting Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering is not easy because the competition to get Seat in any branch is very tough .To get direct admission or management quota admission in RVCE, you can directly approach the college Go through us , We know all about the college and can get you a seat with any hassle. Procedure for direct admission at RV College of Engineering

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Procedure for direct admission at RV College of Engineering
Procedure for direct admission at RV College of Engineering

Procedure for direct admission at RV College of Engineering

The candidates may apply in the RV College of engineering online through the college website. The Under graduation course offered by the college such as civil engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Science requires an eligibility of pass in 10th & 12th with physics and mathematics and the selection process includes KCET,JEE AND COMEDK. 45% seats are filled through KCET, 30% seats are filled based on COMDEK and 25% seats are reserved for management, all merit based quota.

The KCET exam is for the candidates who are the domicile of Karnataka for 7 or more years whereas COMDEK exam is for both the Karnataka and Non-Karnataka aspiring candidates for taking up the engineering course. The reservation and admission norms are set by the Government of Karnataka. The candidates who want to take up a post graduation course have to apply for GATE and PGCET. The candidates may take admission in the college based on the following ways:

Through Counseling

The counseling sessions are held by the government and if a candidate gets allotted in the RV college of Engineering then he or she must carry the allotment order with them along with the necessary documents as requested by the college. Procedure for direct admission at RV College of Engineering

Direct admission through Management Quota

20% of the seats are reserved for the students applying through the management quota as they must have not applied for GATE or PGCET or KCET exam for post graduation and a good score in the higher secondary for? candidate applying for the under graduation degrees. The admission into the college is easy as it does not involve a lot of paperwork and the candidate must be ready to pay the fees double or maybe triple times according to the colleges norms and standards. A certain amount of donation is also expected to be paid.

The Entrance Exams:

The entrance exams are conducted by the central government and the corresponding state governments which are widely accepted by most colleges in universities in India including the RV college of Engineering. Procedure for direct admission at RV College of Engineering

Literally, 80% seats are reserved for students appearing in GATE/PGCET/KCET and other such acceptable entrance exams. The candidate needs to do a research over what exam is accepted by the college validly and then apply for it and finally earn a real good score in order to be considered in the list of other candidates as there must be a number of candidates who have applied for a seat in the college.

RV College of Engineering Management Quota Admission 

What are the fees for RVCE direct admission?

Direct admission (management quota fees) RV college of Engineering :-

  • CSE- 10 +fee 7.5 L/year
  • ECE- 4 + fee 5 L /year
  • ISE- 7 + fee 5.5L /year
  • MECH- 4 + fee 6L /year
  • CIVIL- 4 + fee 4.5 L /year
  • EEE- 4 + fee 4 L/year
  • Telecom – 3+ fee 3 L/year
  • IEM – 2+ fee 3.5 L/year
  • IT – 2 + fee 2L/year
  • Chemical – 3+ fee 3L/year
  • Bio tech – 1+ fee 3 L/year
  • Aerospace – 4 + fee 5 L/year
  • Comedk Fees is 1.75L/year

Procedure for Direct Admission at RV College of Engineering

RV College Of Engineering Admission Procedure: Every Year RV College of Engineering invites engineering aspirants for admission in RVCE through entrance exams. Procedure for direct admission at RV College of Engineering

Karnataka Cet or K-CET Entrance Exams

  • 50% of the total seats in RV College is fixed for the Karnataka state students. KEA or Karnataka Exams Authority conducts entrance test for local students who wish to join RVCE.
  • If you are appearing for K-CET make sure you score a rank less than five thousand to secure a seat in RV College based on merit.
  • If you secure a seat in RVCE through K-CET, you will be charged with a fess of only ninety thousand per year.

Procedure for direct admission at RV College of Engineering

COMED-K Entrance Exams

  • 30% of the total seats in RV College of Engineering is fixed for students from other states as well as for Karnataka students.
  • COMED-K is the organization which conducts an online entrance test for the 30% of the seats in RV College of Engineering.
  • If you are appearing for COMED-K entrance exams make sure you score a rank less than five thousand to secure a seat in RV College of Engineering based on merit.
  • The fees will be two lakhs per annum if you are able to secure a seat in RV College through COMED-K entrance exams.
  • Hostel Charges including accommodation and food will be eighty thousand per year if you want to stay in RV Engineering Hostel.

Procedure for direct admission at RV College of Engineering

When will the admission process of RV College of Engineering in Bengaluru start?

For getting admission in RV college of engineering you have to give test for entrance exam like KCET and COMED-K. If you are student of Karnataka then go for KCET entrance test otherwise COMED-K test for all over India. The online registration for entrance exam has already started. Hurry up the admission will start after results of the entrance exams.

Is RV College of Engineering in Bangalore good?

  • It is the best! in Bangalore, it is ranked number 1.
  • RV college of engineering was established around 1965, and it has been on the top since the beginning. RVCE has maintained its quality through these years and has produced excellent engineers in all the branches they offer.
  • To give you a perspective, if a student has to get into RVCE they should have a minimum rank of 200 in CET or COMEDK. So basically they take in only students who have high intellectual capabilities.
  • RVCE has the best placements compared to any other college in Bangalore, this is because students develop the ability to give solutions to any problem.
  • They have become a brand of their own and If you have passed out of this prestigious intuition then you my friend have the ability to conquer the world.

Procedure for direct admission at RV College of Engineering

How is RV College?

RVCE is one of the finest colleges for engineering in India. Let me justify this on the basis of three factors: Procedure for direct admission at RV College of Engineering

Infrastructure: The campus is really very good. It might look little old. But, it is well maintained. Every lab is well equipped and the lab curriculum is as good as it is in any IITs Or NITs. There are four, year-wise boys’ hostels inside the campus and two, girls-hotels outside the campus :p. There are two tennis courts, one standard Basketball hall, one big sports complex (with satisfactory amenities for ex-a badminton court, 5 table tennis area, one indoor game arena). Besides, it has two grounds (both of them installed with goal posts and one of them has a cricket pitch too).

Every department is well constructed and all of them have modern AV hall. The campus also has one mini canteen (for snacks) and one 800–900 heads one-time occupancy food court. They serve really healthy food if not tasty (because taste is very personal). Every hostel has its own dining area and mess (except 3rd-year hostel, because 3rd and 4th year have their food in 4th-year mess, this helps to exchange knowledge with seniors). The campus has an amphitheatre, two workshops buildings, one big parking area and a Kotak Mahindra Bank.The campus has an administrative block and a floor dedicated to placement cell.

Important Constituents

Procedure for Direct Admission at RV College of Engineering

Faculties: The college has okayish faculties. Well, this is the case in most of the engineering colleges in India. Though, it does have few outstanding faculties in every department. But, the faculties are little cold when it comes to student-teacher interaction. You may find at least one VIRUS in every department (So, there are a dozen of them

Students: The most pivotal constituents of the college. Let’s, talk about the selection procedure of these students. One can get into the college either by KCET (Karnataka common entrance test): Only the residence of Karnataka can take up this test. RV is definitely on the top priority for the students taking up the test. The cut off is very high for RV through this. 50% of college seats are filled up through KCET. The college fee for the students through KCET is very less ₹24k–50k per year.

(Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka) This Exam is at all India level. And obviously, RV is the first choice. The cut off here is too high too. The student pays a yearly college fee of around 1.6lpa (huge difference with respect to KCET, for an all India exam competition). 38% seats of the college are filled up through this exam.

B.Tech Direct Admissions on the basis of Class 12th

Procedure for Direct Admission at RV College of Engineering

MQ (Management Quota): Do I need to say anything about this. Most of the students who are selected through the competitive exams are very good students. That doesn’t mean that all students through MQ are bad. The temperament of a student in college plays a very important role. Generally, the students are competitive, shy and little boring. They have their own sets of values. There are many clubs for the students to showcase their talents, be it racing car clubs for ex.

It’s just awesome. There is a very good environment in the college. A very supportive environment and encouragement for all your talents can be seen here. Getting into the college through merit that too into branches like CS, EC, EE and IS is very difficult. You should have a good ranking.

I am in first year so can’t tell you more about the college but so far what I have seen is that this is the best in Karnataka. I am sure there is a lot of interesting and useful stuff in the college which will shape the student’s future and bring out the best engineers. The faculty is very helping and easily approachable and there are many opportunities for students to develop their skills.

You should just make the right use of things. There is a lot of scope for research and we have very good facilities for everything in the campus.

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