Confirm Direct Admission Seats in Top Engineering College

Confirm Direct Admission Seats in Top Engineering College

Direct admission in graduate and undergraduate courses is an opportunity for all engineering aspirant. For a good future and career you require a better guidance. So, here is a chance to grab, we are providing direct admission in one of the top Institute of engineering, Bangalore through management and vacant seats. Avail your seat in one of the top engineering institute of India. Contact

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What is Engineering?

So strictly speaking, garage mechanics, plumbers and electricians for example are not engineers. Yes, they’re technically minded and trained professionals but they’re technicians rather than engineers. They find and fix faults, they install equipment, but they don’t invent or improve products and systems.

Engineering is all around us, all of the time. It’s in your smart phone, the internet, your car and the roads it drives on – it’s everywhere. It plays a vital role in literally everything our lives depend on. It’s involved in our buildings, food, water, energy, transport, communication, medicines – everything! It uses our knowledge of the sciences (particularly physics) and mathematics, to find new solutions to everyday problems. It creates better ways of doing things and continually helps to improve our lives. It makes things easier, faster, safer, smaller, lighter, more consistent and affordable – we all rely on engineer. Engineers are problem solvers, they research, innovate and either create something new or improve something. They find alternative solutions; they design and build better things. You might even call them inventors.

Admission Process 2022

Engineer institutes which offer direct admission have certain criteria for admission. Either they offer admission on the basis of merit in qualifying exam i.e. 10+2 or equivalent or there are some management seats reserved in private engineer colleges. For management quota the fee structure is generally higher than others.

Great Engineers have a Unique Mix of Qualities

Engineers have a unique mix of qualities that make them stand out from the crowd. Many students (male and female) reading this page will already have them – yes, maybe you were born to be an engineer, and a great one at that. The greatest inventions in the world simply wouldn’t have happened without engineers. Jet engines, railways, cars, computers, smart phones, the internet, 3D-printing etc. – they needed special people to create them. They needed great engineers. But what makes a great engineer? What is it that makes them able to innovate and invent? What qualities enable them to have such a positive impact on the world?

Confirm Direct Admission Seats in Top Engineering College

Engineering a Future?

  • Breaking Free

I will look at the Indian education scenario from the point of view of parents whose wards are applying for admission to colleges. As the trend goes, most students would like to pursue professional programmed such as medicine and engineering. Since fewer seats are available for medicine, getting an MBBS seat has become extremely difficult and the majority is left with the next popular option—engineering. This is not the right practice. *** Confirm Direct Admission Seats in Top Engineering College *** The correct way will be to spend some time assessing one’s interest for a particular branch and check if it matches well with the aptitude one has and the chosen branch of study.

  • Myth and Reality

Having understood the education scenario, parents should free themselves of a few myths that surround them, and make a fair decision concerning the future of their ward. Myth 1 one should be a professional such as a doctor, lawyer or engineer to be successful in life. *** Confirm Direct Admission Seats in Top Engineering College *** other degree programmed are not useful. Marks scored in higher secondary are a true reflection of one’s intelligence, and the one who has scored 95 per cent is more intelligent than others.

  • How to Make the Choice

There are some thumb rules to be followed in choosing an engineering education.

The interest of the candidate and his/her choice of branch should be the criteria for admission.

Every parent should orient the child towards finding out their natural interest and the aptitude for the particular subject or branch of study. Parents should avoid deciding for the candidate.

For a strong-willed person, if the choice is made based on his/her liking and natural taste, then studying that branch will be the best thing rather than joining any other branch, for whatever reason.

It is not wise to join a branch of study because it is popular or because the job opportunities are high.The choice of institution is also critical.

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