RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for 2024

RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for 2024

Popularly known asstarted as career with a vision of spreading educational awareness and providing admission guidance to students. The brand takes pleasure in providing career counselling and admission guidance to students based on aptitude, interest and personality.in this article you will get to know all the detail about the college, fees, admission career opportunity etc… Interested candidate can apply for RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for the 2024 Academic session .It is the best college you can join to study engineering with direct admission. For further information you can

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RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for 2022

Know about RV College of Engineering

R.V. College of Engineering (RVCE) located in Bangalore; Karnataka is a Private college that was established in the year 1963. R.V. College of Engineer (RVCE) established in 1963 is one of the earliest self-financing engineer colleges in the country. The Institution is run by a non-profitable Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust. The Institute offers Bachelor of Engineer (B.E.), M.Tech and MCA courses to the candidates. Admission to UG programs will be on the basis of marks acquired in Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET) whereas the admission to PG courses will be on the basis of GATE or PGCET exam. The institution is run by Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST) a not for profit trust. The trust runs over 25 institutions and RVCE is the flagship institute under the trust. RVCE is today recognized as one of India’s leading technical institution.

RVCE Strategies and Admission

RVCE, Undergraduate Admission

(RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for 2024)

  • The Institute offers specialization in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Information Science and Engineering at UG level.
  • Admission to the B.E program is on the basis of marks acquired by a candidate in 10+2 (Physics and Mathematics Stream). (RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for 2024)
  • Selection will be based on KCET / JEE Main / COMED-K Entrance exam results.

RVCE, Postgraduate Admission

(RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for 2024)

  • RV College of Engineering offers PG Degree in Two disciplines – M.Tech and MCA.
  • Admission to these courses will be on the basis of marks secured by the candidate in the GATE / PGCET (M.Tech) / KMAT (MCA) Entrance Exam.

RVCE, Bangalore Placement

(RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for 2024)

RVCE, Bangalore offers Placement Opportunities to candidates through its Department of placement and training or on the basis of the marks acquired consistently over the years in their respective course.

Placement Package (RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for 2024)

  • International Package 1.15 Cr.
  • Domestic Package 14 Lakh

RVCE, Services

(RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for 2024)

  • Library: The central library has over 1,40,020 books which include textbooks, reference books, encyclopedia and other multimedia resources.
  • Hostel: There are exclusive Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian mess facilities. The hostilities that are provided are sports, gymnasium and browsing facilities.
  • Food Court: The Institute food court is designed to cater 100o students and staff. The food court has a modern kitchen where food is steam cooked.
  • Transport: The Institute provides transportation facility for both students and staff. There are sufficient buses which take care of commutation of about one thousand students. There are two exclusive buses for the staff separately.
  • Bank: Banking facility is provided by Kotak Mahindra Bank. It is fully computerized and air-conditioned.

5 tips to select the Right Engineering Branch

  • Go for a branch that is of your interest (RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for 2024)

While we may say that scope for a field keeps changing with time, as we see new trends coming up every few years. The reality is, every branch has good scope and opportunities if you perform well in it.Contrary to this, if you take up a branch just based on its job prospects and lack interest in it, you’ll end up getting nowhere. So it is very important to go for a branch that is of your interest.

  • Run through college websites and the course material (RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for 2024)

It is that time in your life, where you have to choose from a platter. Whether you choose college A over Institute B or branch X over branch Y should not be a random decision and instead be based on research on these Institute and the electives they offer under each course. Run through the Institute websites and the course material they offer under the branch you aspire for to make the right decision.

  • Clearer the approach, better the results

Engineer provides opportunity to specialize. Choosing one from the various types of engineer disciplines is not an easy job. Digging deeper and knowing more about every branch can help you in making the right choice. It is the same as taking a straight way to your destination or taking roundabouts to get to the same place. Clearer the approach better will be the results. For example, if you are interested in cars, you might as well want to take up Automobile Engineer instead of Mechanical. But the message is: be sure of what you want to pursue.

  • It is critical to understand your work life

It is critical to understand what kind of professional work is expected out of you once you take up a job.

For instance, Civil Engineer means a lot of field-work and if you are not suited for that, you better not choose Civil Engineer in the first place. Take the example of Mohit, a Biomedical Engineer from Delhi who uses technology to help burn victims recover from their injuries. Mohit loves his job. He was aware and has also realized how the field of Biomedical Engineer is a bridge between medicine and engineer.

  • Check opportunities for post-graduation

If you aspire to do post-graduation, and have some ideas already, it might be a good idea to do a quick check on the opportunities for the post-graduation. For example, if you choose to pursue Bachelors in Mechanical Engineer, you can do your Masters in Robotics, Automobile or Industrial apart from core mechanical opportunities like manufacturing etc. But if you do a Bachelors in Automobile Engineer your options for post-graduation become limited.

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