Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore

Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore

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Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore


Bangalore Institute of Technology is currently affiliated to VTU. The institute initially offered the Bachelor of Engineering degrees in Computer Science, Electronics, Telecommunication, Instrumentation Technology, Electrical, Civil and Mechanical, Information Science, Industrial and Management. Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore – ‘2024’ batch

Bangalore Institute of Technology was the first institute to introduce a full-fledged Computer Science course in Karnataka. It is recognized by the AICTE and has been accredited by NBA. At present Bangalore Institute of Technology offers 9 undergraduate, 10 post graduate and a PhD course(s) with a student body of more than 4000. Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore – ‘2024’ batch

Departments of Civil Engineering:

There are a number of centres carrying out inter-disciplinary research and many collaborative programmes exist between the college and other institutions such as the Institute of Science (IISc) and National Aerospace Laboratories (N.A.L.). The college is also a program centre for Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore – ‘2024’ batch

Teaching and research work is supported by facilities such as a central library with 90000 volumes of text books and reference books and an Industrial Consultancy and Research Center. The institute has an auditorium (1200 seating capacity), seminar hall, co-operative society, canteen, and cultural sections as well as hostels for boys and girls. Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore – ‘2024’ batch

The B.I.T Civil engg established in 1979 department is one of the first departments established by the college. Under the able guidance of Dr. A.G. Nataraj it has committed itself to the proclaimed pledge of producing quality civil engg professionals by the virtue of its very competent faculty and state-of- the-art laboratories.

Ever since the Civil engg department came into being it has dedicated itself towards the never ending quest for knowledge and contributing with vigour in the development of Karnataka and the country as a whole. Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore – ‘2024’ batch

The field of Civil engg has been growing very fast in the recent years as we have now realized the importance of infrastructure development. The department is committed to produce Civil Engineers which would usher India into a utopia of development. For the realization of this dream the students are prepared to perform, even in the most hostile environment. Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore – ‘2024’ batch

The department has come good on its commitment towards research and development by recently introducing the master’s degree courses in the field of structural engg. The masters program is likely to produce researchers which would lead us to new developments in civil engg. Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore – ‘2024’ batch


Semester IIISemester IVSemester V
Building Construction   Geology Fluid Mechanics-I Structural Mechanics-I Surveying-IBuilding Drawing   Fluid Mechanics-II Material Technology Structural Mechanics-II Surveying-IIGeotechnical engg-I Hydrology and Water Resources Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures Transportation BE Electives (Any Two) Matrix Method of Structural Analysis Solid Waste Management Traffic BE
Semester VISemester VIISemester VIII
Design of Steel Structures   Environmental engg-I Geotechnical engg-II Irrigation BE Electives (Any Two): Air Pollution & Control Bridge engg Numerical Analysis Project Work-IDesign Drawing   Environmental-II Estimation Transportation-II Electives (Any Two): Foundations Pre Stressed Concrete Construction managementHighway engg Project Work-II

The department boasts of very high quality laboratories, where the students are trained to be proficient in various fields, like The Building Materials Testing (B.M.T.) lab, The Soil Mechanics lab, Highway engg lab, Fluid Mechanics lab,The Computer Aided Design(C.A.D.) lab are a few to be named. Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore – ‘2024’ batch


STRUCTURAL BE LAB: 60 tones loading frame and accessories; Polaricope with accessories

STRENGTH OF MATERIAL LAB: 100 Ton Universal Testing Machine; Impact Testing Machine; Wood Testing Machine

CONCRETE LABORATORY: 200 Ton Compression Testing Machine; Slump Test cones; Le-chatelier apparatus.

SURVEY STORES: Box Sextant; Dumpy Level; Transit Theodolite 1″; Clinometer

HIGHWAY MATERIAL LABORATORY: Impact Testing Machine; Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine; C.B.R. Testing Apparatus; Ductility Testing Machine.

SOIL MECHANICS LAB: Tri-axial Compression Testing Machine; Direct Shear Test Machine; Compaction Testing Machine; Proctor Compaction Apparatus; Vane Shear Apparatus; Sub soil Deform meter; Consolidometer; Standard Penetration Test Apparatus. Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore – ‘2024’ batch

ENVIRONMENTAL BE LAB: Centrifuge; Colony Counter; Compound Microscope; Incubator; Hot Air Oven;

HYDRAULICS AND HYDRAULICS MACHINES LAB: Francis Turbine; Kaplan Turbine; Pelton Wheel Turbine; Hydraulic Ram Apparatus; Hydraulic Flume; Centrifugal Pump Set.

Civil students of B.I.T have been involved in numerous projects which have helped Karnataka take a leap forward in infrastructure development. Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore –‘2024’ batch

Some projects of repute where B.I.T Civil engg have been involved are:

  1. Analysis and design of multi-storied building for K.I.M.S. hospital, Bangalore.
  2. Analysis and design of a proposed ring road. Ring road connecting J.P.Nagar (South side of Bangalore city) to Vijaynagar and beyond (North- west & North side of city).
  3. Report on the international airport at Devenahally on NH-7, 29kms, from Vidhan Soudha.
  4. Planning analysis, design and cost analysis of a multistoried car parking lot.
  5. Design of a multiscreen cinema theatre.
  6. Analysis and design of industrial shed using software STAAD-III.
  7. Performance study of existing storm drainage system.
  8. Design of prestressed concrete bridge for flexure.
  9. Analysis, design and alingment of proposed highway connecting state highway Doddaballapur to Hindupur to Ghati Subramanya.
  10. Experimental Investigation to study the use of cinder (slag) as a light weight brick making material and classification of rocks by hardness test.


Who and why is the best and the worst teacher in BIT-Bangalore Institute of Technology?

malaya Gupta | 29 Aug

In ISE department the worst of the worst teacher is Anupama maim and best teacher is vani maim.

If you are asking with respect to EEE branch the best teacher is Y. Pawan Kumar and worst one is H.B Nagesh since he is hell bent to make students life as miserable as he can. Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore – ‘2024’ batch

What is that worst Teachers means is that we created if we are not able to follow them or they won’t give us enough marks. I don’t think that we have differentiated between best and worst. Then coming to Bangalore Institute of Technology here all are well educated and are best in their own style of teaching and all are having their own name and respect and as far as I know Bangalore Institute of Technology has many rank holders and it’s possible because of them so I would like to say if you still believe in worst then that worst is not found in Bangalore Institute of Technology. Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore – ‘2024’ batch

Are you a best student or worst student?

Anna duisoja | 18 June

Sorry to say this first respect your teachers. In Bangalore Institute of Technology every lecture holds M.Tech and PhDs. Off course some are good and some are best depends on their experience. But no one worst as you mentioned. You definitely like the staff and principal. Every year 8 to 10 gold medalist comes out from that college. Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore – ‘2024’ batch

Does BANGALORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY-Bangalore Institute of Technology have good faculty and teaching facilities?

Neha Gupta | 17 Apr

All teachers are good and experienced. Yes lecturers are friendly and the teaching is very good. The department of Civil Engineering came into existence along with the college in the year 1979.It has an intake of 90 students. The department is currently headed by Dr. A.G. Nataraj and supported by a highly qualified staff. Get Direct Engineering Admission BIT Bangalore –‘2024’ batch

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