Top Engineering College Pune Direct BTech Admission

Top Engineering College Pune Direct BTech Admission

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Top Engineering College Pune Direct BTech Admission

Why Bachelor of Technology?

Enroll to Top Engineering College Pune Direct BTech Admission

  • The technology sector is booming and the demand for Bachelor of technology graduates is more than ever.
  • It deals with all sorts of various domains, from materials to machines to industrial equipment.
  • There are several openings, as there are various domains in Engineering
  • The future may lead to either industryor research and development

Difference between B.E and B.Tech?

Bachelor of EngineeringBachelor of Technology
B.E is considered a knowledge-oriented courseB.Tech is considered a skill-oriented course
More emphasis is laid on theory and focuses on strong fundamentalsMore emphasis is laid on practical applications rather than theoretical aspects
Being more knowledge-oriented, course curriculum not as frequent as othersBeing technology-oriented, the course curriculum is considered as more up to date
Internships and industry visits may be an essentials part of the curriculumInternships and industry visits are the mandatory part of the curriculum
Some of the popular are:   RV College of Engineering BMS College of EngineeringSome of the popular are:   Vishwakarma Institute of Technology Pune Institute of Computer Technology

 Bachelor Courses:

  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. Chemical Engineering
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Marine Engineering
  7. Automotive Engineering
  8. Aerospace Engineering
  9. Nuclear Engineering

The course is divided into 8 semesters.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A candidate who has scored more than 50% in physics, chemistry, and math can go for admittance in Engineering.

Future Scope:

Any Engineering course has a lot of scopes. Any raw material to be converted into a product, it has to undergo many processes involving chemicals. Almost everything we use is chemically processed.

You can join any manufacturing industry and go towards research and development. A student of chemical engineer can also specialize in various fields like biotechnology, environmental engineering, and others.

If you want to move into a service industry like IT, which has many branches, then functional knowledge is necessary. (Know the possibility for Top Engineering College Pune Direct BTech Admission)

Every branch offers good employment opportunities. Engineering is a design-oriented subject. Design involves problem-solving. If you become a good problem solver, every branch of Engineering offers you job opportunities.

You are advised to go through the subjects taught in each branch and decide which branch is most interesting to you.

As the Field of Engineering incorporates new technologies, the appropriate scope of undergraduate education in Engineering continues to grow.

It appears unlikely that course breadth can be widened to accommodate this growth, at every institution, by increasing the length of the undergraduate engineering curriculum.

Therefore, increases in breadth must come sacrifices in the depth of coverage of many subjects. (Enroll to Top Engineering College Pune Direct BTech Admission)

Engineering is a broad term that covers a wide range of applications and industries. Combining mathematics, science, and technology, engineers produce creative solutions to real-world problems.

As a result, there are many different types of Engg degrees available. Take a look over the list below – all types of Engineering degrees are provided in summary with a link to a full article with more detail on each where available.

You can also find links to universities oaring that specific degree, or use the below search to find available Engineering degrees. (Know the possibility for Top Engineering College Pune Direct BTech Admission)

You can use the main navigation to find specifics on the different types of Engg degrees, including the emerging online engineering degree.

For general engineering articles including information on the highest paying degrees, those with the best employment potential, and steps to become an engineer, be sure to check the blog. (Enroll to Top Engineering College Pune Direct BTech Admission)

Computer Science & Engineering/IT:

Computer Science deals with understanding computers, computer networks, programming, mobile applications, operating systems, and artificial intelligence.

Besides keeping up to date with classes and lab work, these days, it a requisite to acquire professional skills pre-hand through internships, on the job training, and certifications that make Engineering in CSE and Bachelor of technology IT students help to gain better jobs.

The Bachelor of Technology course list includes:

Software Engineering

  1. Computer Programming.
  2. Program design.
  3. Computer Systems analysis.
  4. Fundamentals of Hardware.
  5. Computer Architecture.
  6. Professional Awareness.

Hardware Engineering

  1. Most computer hardware engineers
  2. Research
  3. Design

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineers are equipped with the awareness to develop, test, and repair electrical and electronic equipment like radar, electric motors, transistors, transformers, VLSI devices, etc.

Electrical and Electronics Engineers can secure jobs in R & D, Quality Check, or Production department of a company.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering teaches students about the application of Physics for inventing technology that benefits society. Students with Bachelor of technology in mechanical can also seek employment in Government organizations like Metro projects, Railways, National Highways, Defense, SAIL, BHEL, etc. (Enroll to Top Engineering College Pune Direct BTech Admission)

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers are the minds behind the modern high-tech cities of the future that can accommodate a high population and serve the best of facilities to their residents.

From Metro trains to high-rise buildings, a civil engineer needs the best knowledge in Mathematics and strategy. Civil engineers can secure high paying and progress-driven jobs in construction firms, gov’t organizations like DMRC, Railway, NHAI, BRO, etc. (Enroll to Top Engineering College Pune Direct BTech Admission)

 Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is one of the most exciting fields that involves the development, research, and construction of aircraft, missiles, satellites, airplanes, fighter jets, etc.

They design high performance and efficient aircraft keeping in mind multiple factors from streamlining of body and aerodynamics to using lightweight alloys with high tensile strength.

Aerospace Engineers can opt for jobs in the aviation sector and defense sector. Some of the government organizations that seek aerospace engineers are HAL, ISRO and, DRDO. (Get Top Engineering College Pune Direct BTech Admission)

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering presents a wide range of scope in industries like oil and petroleum industries, mineral processing industries, pharmaceutical industries, fertilizer industries, etc.

Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering graduates can also find jobs in the government sector with companies like IOCL, BPCL, ONGC, etc.

10 Best Engineering Institutes in Pune (Private):

  • MIT-World Peace University (MIT-WPU)
  • Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT)
  • Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT)
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering (BVDU-COE)
  • Cummins College of Engineering for Women (CCOEW)
  • Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT)
  • Sinhgad College of Engineering (SCOE)
  • D. Y. Patil College of Engineering (DYPCOE)
  • Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering (PCCOE)

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