RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for session 2022

If you are interested in RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for session 2022 then you can fulfil your dreams and make your career at top Level. RV is one of the top leading institutes in India. RV College of Engineering has come out to be one of the leading technical campuses. We believe that every student should embrace their passion. We inspire our students to explore new ideas and immerse themselves in a journey of continuous learning and discovery

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 RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for session 2022
RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for session 2022

Founded In 1963, R.V College of engineering

University Type Private*** RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for session 2022 ***

Campus Area 51.4 Acres Library 1, 40,020 books 29,000 e-books 233 technical journals 23 technical

Faculty 41*** RV College of Engineering Confirmed Seats @ Direct Admission ***

Hostel 4 (Boys Hostel) 3 (Ladies hostel)

How to Reach Distance from Delhi to R.V.C.E Bangalore – Aerial Dist. 1740 km Rail Dist. 2379 km Road Dist. 2121 km Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru – 48 km

Admission Process:

  • In case of UG programmed, the admission is based on marks scored in Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET) conducted by KEA (Karnataka Examination Authority) and COMEDK UGET. For PG programs, the selection is based on marks scored in GATE or PGCET.
  • The application process for applying for KCET begins in the month of January every year while the application process of COMEDK starts in the month of February. The application fee of KCET exam is INR 650. The candidates applying for PG programs need to register for GATE 2022. The registration for GATE starts in the month of September. RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for session 2022

Placements: *** RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for session 2022 ***

Rashtreeya Vidyalaya Institute of Engineering gives 100% placement assurance to their academic bright students. The placement cell has a good network with all the leading industries. With the help of this connection, the Institute assists students in finding right job for them. Some of the top leading firms that visit t he campus for placement process J P Morgan, Yahoo, IBM, Texas Instruments, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Dell and many more.

Career as Engineer

Career as Engineer

  • Civil Engineers are concerned with planning, investigation, survey, design, supervision, and all work connected with construction. They specialize in structural engineer, water management engineer, highway engineer, environmental engineer, geotechnical engineer, or environmental engineer
  • Mechanical Engineers design, operate and maintain machines, components, machine tools, manufacturing systems and processes, components of thermal power stations, solar energy, air conditioning and refrigeration and industrial engineer. They are involved in both the fundamental and applied aspects of these areas*** RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for session 2022 ***
  • Electrical Engineers are concerned with the generation, distribution, use of electrical power, control and instrumentation. RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for session 2022
  • They work with equipment that produces and distributes electricity such as generators, transmission lines, transformers, lighting and wiring in buildings.
  • They design electric motors, machinery and ignition systems which are required by automobiles, aircrafts and all kinds of motorized vehicles and equipment’s
  • Aerospace Engineers work in aeronautical and spacecraft engineer. They design, analyze, construct, develop, test and manufacture commercial and military aircrafts, missiles, and spacecraft’s*** RV College of Engineering Direct Admission for session 2022 ***
  • Agricultural Engineers design and develop farm implements and machineries, and equipment’s used during production, processing, transportation and storage of agricultural commodities. Field engineers deal with irrigation, drainage and land resource planning and execution. Service engineers are engaged in sale servicing, repairing and installation of farm machinery

Engineering myths debunked: 

  • You may have heard that engineer is a man’s world. Furthermore, you may have heard that the world of engineer is full of men who have all the technical skills in the world, but no social skills to match.
  • In many people’s minds, an engineer career is a constant love affair between a man and his machines.
  • Wait a second, though! Is it really all about nuts and bolts, spanners and screwdrivers? Definitely not. And do women actually work in engineer? Of course they do!
  • Forget anything you’ve heard previously! Before you make the decision to get into engineer, you should firstly discover what it’s really all about.

Why are there so many different branches of engineering?

  • There are so many different areas of engineer to work in; however, most engineers choose to specialize in just one, such as chemical, automotive or robotics.
  • Careers in engineer are constantly evolving and new processes and technologies are being developed all the time. This allows engineers to stay on the ball and react to new problems and challenges in their chosen field.
  • Engineer careers are constantly varied in terms of their job responsibilities, but also in their working locations.
  • As an engineer you could be working in an office, in a laboratory, on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, in a factory, or even in outer space.
  • Each engineer discipline requires professionals with very specific skill-sets. However, each and every area of this sector is as complex as the next.
  • Consequently, all engineers need to have strong mathematical skills, logic and the ability to rise to intellectual and practical challenges. If you’ve got what it takes, you might be the right candidate for an engineer apprenticeship.

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