PESIT South Campus Bengaluru B-Tech Direct Admission

PESIT South Campus Bengaluru B-Tech Direct Admission

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PESIT South Campus Bengaluru B-Tech Direct Admission
PESIT South Campus Bengaluru B-Tech Direct Admission

About PESIT South Area

People’s Education Society University, Electronic City Area or PES University, EC Area ( formerly called the PES Institute of Technology or PESIT) is a private co-educational engineering college on Hosur Road, Near Electronic City, Bangalore, India. PESU EC Area was established in 2005 and is affiliated to the VTU, Belgaum and is accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). As per August 2018 , the name of the college has been changed to PES University , Electronic city area . Get PESIT South Campus Bengaluru B-Tech Direct Admission

PESIT South Area is managed which was founded in 1972, in a rented gymnasium in Bangalore, with around 40 students. P.E.S. currently manages over 45 educational programs in Karnataka and neighbouring Andhra Pradesh focused on four main educational areas: Engineering, Medicine, Management and Life Sciences. PESIT South Area is the most recent addition to the PES family of educational institutions and received AICTE approval in 2005. Get PESIT South Campus Bengaluru B-Tech Direct Admission -2022 batch


The Sports & Recreational Facility in PES University offers ample amount of activity space, including a full fledged gym and ?well maintained sports fields and courts. We are also in the process of improving our already existing sports infrastructure and facilities in the coming years.


Our college gym is equipped with world class facilities and a wide range of fitness equipment from treadmills to cross trainers to excellent strength training and stretching stations we have it all in one place.

  • Great range of resistance machines
  • Stretch area
  • The Free-Weight Area
  • Cardio Zone etc.
  • Annual gym fee is Rs 1200/- per year.
  • For Full Time Staff & Students only

Fields & Courts

  • Basketball Courts
  • Futsal Field (5-a-side Football)
  • Cricket Field
  • Indoor Basketball Court
  • Indoor Badminton Courts
  • Indoor Table Tennis Courts
  • Volleyball Court
  • Free Play Area

News Regarding PESIT South Area:

A Glimpse into Gravitational Waves

Students got an opportunity to listen to members of LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Prof. Bala Iyer, Simon’s Visiting Professor at ICTS – TIFR, Chair, IndIGO consortium and Prof. Parameswaran Ajith, Associate Professor at ICTS – TIFR, CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar at the talk on The Heartbeat of the Cosmos – A Glimpse into Gravitational Waves.

Prof Bala Iyer spoke about the discovery of Gravitational Waves and the spectacular launch of multi-messenger astronomy. He described how the first detection of Gravitational Waves from a black hole binary in 2015 was a breakthrough, taking a century to realize, and made possible by the coming together of a remarkable experiment and an exquisite theory complemented by the best in sophisticated data analyses, state of the art computing and finally the transition to big-science. Get PESIT South Campus Bengaluru B-Tech Direct Admission -2022 batch

He talked about how the discovery of Gravitational Waves from a binary neutron star system last year and the intense associated electromagnetic follow up heralds the launch of a new multi-messenger astronomy and its potential to impact research in astrophysics, cosmology and fundamental physics.

Prof. Parameswaran Ajith, speaking on Gravitational-wave astronomy, summarized the current status of gravitational-wave observations and prospects and challenges that the future poses. He felt that the recent gravitational-wave observations have opened a window into the Universe and based on the observed rate of these events, one could expect a large number of binary mergers to be observed in the near future, along with other possible sources.

The esteemed speakers who toured the area were all praise for the space research facility at the University. The talk organized by Equinox, the space club at PES University, mentored by Dr. Sambasiva Rao and Dr. S Radhakrishnan, was held on September 26, 2018. Get PESIT South Campus Bengaluru B-Tech Direct Admission -2022 batch

Students assist a prestigious launch event

Students gained hands-on experience at the opening of the world’s largest mobile experience store by Samsung. They assisted in crowd management, logistics, coordination with vendors and activities related to large store opening. The students of BBA HEM volunteered for the event management company for which the department is an academic partner. Get PESIT South Campus Bengaluru B-Tech Direct Admission -2022 batch

The inaugural ceremony of the 7th edition of the ICACCI

The inaugural ceremony of the 7th edition of the International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), was held at PES University Electronic City Area, Bangalore from Sep 19 to 22.

The event commenced with the lighting of lamp by a group of dignitaries – Chief guest Dr. Schahram Dustdar, Head of Distributed Systems Group, The TU Wien, Austria, Guest of Honor Dr Thomas M Coughlin, 2018 President-Elect, IEEE USA, Guest of Honor Shri Vinay Parameswaran Nair, Director Engineering, Cisco Systems India and DrSabu M Thampi, Professor, IIIT-M, Trivandraum , Executive Chair, ICACCI. The ceremony was followed by Saraswati-Vandana. Get PESIT South Campus Bengaluru B-Tech Direct Admission 2022 batch

Dr Sudarshan TSB, Dean Research, PESU Bangalore formally introduced all the dignitaries on the dais and welcomed the participants, colleagues & students from all over the world. He talked about the scope of ICACCI and how it provides an international forum for exchange of ideas between students and researchers.

Prof D Jawahar, Pro-Chancellor, PES University, expressed his gratitude towards ICACCI for choosing PES as host for such a prestigious event. He talked about the vision and the how the “Spirit of PES” guides them to make their vision a reality.

Guest of Honor Shri Vinay Parameswaran Nair briefed about the importance of the event and the excellent platform it presents for researchers and students. The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Shikha Tripathi, Research Head, PES and Organizing Chair of ICACCI. She mentioned the previous conferences and gave a layout of events to come in forthcoming days. Get PESIT South Campus Bengaluru B-Tech Direct Admission -2022 batch


The following events are conducted by PESIT-BSC annually:

  • Maaya
  • inGenius
  • Activity Day
  • Esperenza(MCA Fest)
  • Kludge
  • Hackathon


TEAM ENIGMA – SAE INDIA Club for design and fabrication of vehicles for participating in SAE BAJA and FORMULA SAE competitions.

Aero PESIT-BSC – Aero-PESITBSC, the Aero Design Club at PESIT-BSC design, fabricate, and test micro unmanned aerial vehicles. Team Avions is a subgroup of Aero-PESITBSC that officially represents PESIT-BSC at various national and international aero-desin competitions. Get PESIT South Campus Bengaluru B-Tech Direct Admission -2022 batch

They participated for the first time in SAE Aerodesign East 2013 (Micro Class) held at Fortworth, Texas and was placed 14th overall.[6] More recently, Team Avions was placed second overall SAE Aerodesign West 2014 (Micro class).

Azim Premji University

Pixel Park Block – The PESIT South Area also houses an interim area of the Azim Premji University located in the Pixel Park block

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