MIT-WPU Pune Management Quota Engineering Admission

MIT-WPU Pune Management Quota Engineering Admission

In case you are thinking to enroll for Bachelor degree streams in MIT-WPU Pune Management Quota Engineering Admission to get best guidance that helps future progress. We are here to guide and help you to get a path to this Institute. Interface with us for further specifics or select with us,

MIT-WPU Pune Management Quota Engineering Admission

About The Group:

MAEER was the first step of the revolution in the education scenario of Maharashtra. Maharashtra, the third largest state in the country, with a rich heritage, known as the land of saints and also, the one which gave great leaders to the world had yet to progressed in the field of education. Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Management Quota Engineering Admission 2022 Batch. This realization embarked the journey of MAEER – in 1983 with the establishment of Maharashtra Institute of Technology (M.I.T), one of the first private Engg College in Maharashtra which still remains the flagship institute of the group.

With the sole objective of meeting the long felt need of a centre of scientific and educational research, which would meet the challenges of the present and the future technical advancements of the fast changing world, M.I.T Group of Institutions was established as a society and charitable trust. Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Management Quota Engineering Admission 2022 Batch. Since then, the M.I.T Group of Institutions have grown leaps and bounds and has made a strong impact in the field of education throughout the country. With more than 10 campuses in the state of Maharashtra covering almost 1000 acres of area, the M.I.T Group provides education in the fields of Engg, Medicine, Pharmacy, Marine Engg, Insurance, Distance Education, Telecom Mgmt., Lighting, Design, Food & Technology, Retail Mgmt., and Masters in Business Administration, School of Government and also School Education

Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Management Quota Engineering Admission 2022 Batch. At any given point of time, more than 50000 students are pursuing various courses all over our 65+ institutes. With this statistics, the M.I.T Group is almost a big University by itself. Register with us for MIT-WPU Pune Management Quota Engineering Admission 2022 Batch.

M.I.T Group believes in developing the overall personality of its students in order to create future responsible global citizens. Enroll-WPU for MIT Pune Management Quota Engineering Admission 2022 Batch. Hence, imparting training is done based on the five principles of the M.I.T’s holistic development policy:

  • To develop a spirit of inquiry and achieve Academic Excellence
  • To inculcate a sense of discipline and character
  • To develop a spirit of Social Commitment.
  • To promote a Culture of Peace in the society.
  • To build a strong Industry – Institute Interface

M.I.T has traversed the path of rapid development in education, along with the nation, often responding positively to changed needs and at times initiating significant changes. We have evolved in twenty-six years by overcoming tough hurdles set more by limitations of thinking in that era, rather than lack of ability, to arrive at a point where we can explore the vastness of knowledge and possibilities on the global canvas .At MAEER’s M.I.T, it’s never about which of our institutes you choose to study in, it is more about how and where you reach in life thereafter.


  • To be a leading University Of Excellence, promoting the “Culture of Peace” through Value-based “Universal Education System”, with a firm belief that “Union of Science and Religion / Spirituality alone will bring peace to mankind”. Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Management Quota Engineering Admission 2022 Batch.
  • To be a world class space of intellectual distinction in creating extensively trained professionals who will stand for eternal human values and world peace as complete global citizens.


  • To create a synergy of academics with technology, technology with research, research with industry, industry with economy and economy with social innovation, leading to world peace and positive change in the society. Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Management Quota Engineering Admission 2022 Batch.
  • To identify, enhance, hone and nurture the strength of every student to apply scientific knowledge to touch the life of human beings.
  • To foster the spirit of inquiry and imagination in students, to push the envelope of human knowledge and come up with innovative and ground-breaking solutions for well-being of the world.
  • To create value and intellectual capital for society that will act as a prime mover for development of the society. Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Management Quota Engineering Admission 2022 Batch.
  • To promote the ‘Idea of India’ by sensitizing students about the ethos of democracy, vision of leadership and culture of good governance.
  • Co-creation and partnership with individuals and organizations that can support students realize their supreme potential.

U.G Programmed:

S.noName of the Programme Sanctioned Intake
1.B.Tech in Civil60
2.B.Tech in Mechanical90
3.B.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication120
4.B.Tech in Polymer60
5.B.Tech in Petroleum60
7.B.Tech in Computer120
8.B.Tech in Petrochemical30

Life on Campus:

With due respect and importance to the IT Revolution and being a technological institution, MAEER’s M.I.T has taken all the steps to equip its students with all the advantages this revolution has to offer. With its help we have transformed MAEER’s M.I.T campus into a true e-campus with a total of 400 computers connected with fiber-optic backbone networks and server-client technology. The e-campus comprises of a state-of-art Internet Centre, which remains open for 24 hours and has been connected with a 4MBPS leased line through ERNET which facilitates high-speed Internet Access and uninterrupted connectivity throughout the campus.

We take every effort to encourage our students to participate in various social, cultural and sports activities. The college has its own cricket, football and volleyball grounds. It also has 1500 sq. ft. modern style well equipped gymnasium. Table Tennis, Carrom and Wrestling facilities are also provided. Our students have participated and won number of prizes at Inter-Collegiate, University, State and National levels. M.I.T has successfully organized several sports tournaments including Inter-Engg Athletic Meet, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis tournaments, Zonal level Boxing, Badminton, Chess tournaments and Inter-Professional College Volley ball, Basketball tournaments, and so on. Summit – A National Level Inter-Engg Meet Robocon.

List of Companies Visited:

(Enroll for MIT-WPU Pune Management Quota Engineering Admission 2022 Batch)

  • Amura Marketing Ltd.
  • Amdocs
  • Bosch Ltd.
  • 3d Plm Software Solutions
  • Aplabs
  • Bridgestone India Pvt, Ltd.
  • AAM Services India Ltd.
  • Apollo Tyres
  • Broadrige Financial Solutions
  • ACC / Techport
  • Armacell India Ltd.
  • Burkhardt Compression
  • Accenture Energy
  • Atidan Technologies
  • BVG Engg Ltd.
  • Accenture
  • Atlas Copco India Ltd
  • Byzan Systems Ltd.
  • Acellere Ltd.
  • Atos India
  • Cachebox Ltd.
  • ACG Worldwide
  • Cap Gemini Etc.

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