You are currently viewing Is BE and B-Tech same in BMS College for Direct Admission?
Is BE and B-Tech same in BMS College for Direct Admission?

Is BE and B-Tech same in BMS College for Direct Admission?

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Is be and BTech same in BMS College for Direct Admission?
Is be and BTech same in BMS College for Direct Admission?

BMS College of Engineering Bangalore- Direct Admisison

  • Established year 1946
  • Institute type Private (Autonomous)
  • Approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
  • Application mode Offline (Pen and Paper Based)
  • Location P.O. Box No. 1908 Bull Temple Road Bangalore Karnataka, India
  • Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
  • Vision| Mission:  Is BE and B-Tech same in BMS College for Direct Admission?
  • Promoting Prosperity of mankind by augmenting Human Resource Capital through Quality Technical Education & Training.
  • Accomplish Excellence in the field of Technical Education through Education, Research and Service needs of society.


  • Chemical Engineer
  • Science and Humanities
  • Computer Science and Engineer (CSE)
  • Information Science and Engineer (ISE)
  • Electronics and Communication Engineer (ECE)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
  • Mechanical Engineer (ME)
  • MTech Computer Science
  • MTech Electronics and Communication

Entrance Exam : 

  • KMAT

Eligibility:  10+2 or equivalent with Physics and Mathematics, along with one of the following optional subjects Chemistry, Bio-Technology, and Biology with at least 50% aggregate marks

Why is engineering so important?:  

** Direct Admission |BMS College of Engineering Bangalore *** It’s all about solving problems using specialist technical and practical skills. It’s all about maths, science, research, prototypes, design, maintenance and production. Every industry and every area of society depends on the precise and efficient work of engineers. Is BE and B-Tech same in BMS College for Direct Admission?

These guys provide technological solutions to the problems, issues and ideas that affect every area of our lives. They design, manufacture and maintain almost everything people and industries use, from computers, spacecraft and boats to corkscrews, buildings and chemical reactors. Technological advances would never happen without engineers. Consequently, the people who work in this sector are massively important in developing the future of our society.

Why are there so many different branches of engineering?

There are so many different areas of engineering to work in; however, most engineers choose to specialize in just one, such as chemical, automotive or robotics. Careers in engineering are constantly evolving and new processes and technologies are being developed all the time. This allows engineers to stay on the ball and react to new problems and challenges in their chosen field.

Engineering careers are constantly varied in terms of their job responsibilities, but also in their working locations. As an engineer you could be working in an office, in a laboratory, on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, in a factory, or even in outer space. Is BE and B-Tech same in BMS College for Direct Admission?

A massive variety of industries need professional engineers

  • Defense
  • Space
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Environmental
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Food and drink.
  • Many engineers have a variety of technical

Many engineers have a variety of technical skills

  • Design
  • Research and prototype development
  • Production
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Safety and quality assurance.

What sectors of engineering build things?

  • Ever wondered why your paper airplane, or homemade bottle rocket, plummets to the ground after only a matter of seconds, whilst real aircraft and space craft can stay up there for hours, days and even years on end?
  • That’s because your effort was designed in seconds and constructed into one clumsy mess, whereas actual aircraft are designed, built and maintained by some of the most talented engineers in the world.
  • This complex area of engineering can be deconstructed into various different areas: aeronautical engineers who deal with aircraft which fly within our atmosphere; astronautic ally engineers who deal with spacecraft which operate outside of the earth’s atmosphere; and avionics engineers who deal with all the electronic and electrical parts of aircraft and space craft (e.g. navigation systems).
  • Automotive engineering is a similarly complex branch of engineering, but is obviously concerned with the design and production of cars, motorbikes, buses, trucks and your cousin’s funny little moped.
  • Automotive engineers actually have their fingers in all kinds of engineering pies, with their jobs involving a combo of mechanical, electrical, electronic and software engineering.
  • Civil engineers are all about the built environment. They are responsible for providing engineering expertise on buildings, dams, bridges, stadiums and all kinds of major construction projects.
  • These guys tend to need a bit of ‘structure’ in their lives, get it? (N.B. us sincerely apologies for the quality of this joke!).

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