Engineering College Direct Admission in Dayananda Sagar

Engineering College Direct Admission in Dayananda Sagar

Choosing a career path can be a dilemma especially when your interests and your parent’s interests are clashing. During these confused times, we will guide you throughout your academic admission process. ACE GURU Education services has an aim to make our students reach to top most colleges in Bangalore where they could learn to be a better individual and exceptional professional in their field. Currently we are providing Engineering College Direct Admission in Dayananda Sagar ACE GURU has managed to guide more than 500 students towards excellence in their academic choices thus becoming exceptional and devoted professionals.

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Engineering College Direct Admission in Dayananda Sagar

About DSCE

Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Govt. of India and affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University. It has widest choice of engg.. branches having 16 Under Graduate courses & 17 Post Graduate courses. In addition, it has 21 Research Centres in different branches of engg.. catering to research scholars for obtaining Ph.D under VTU. Various courses are accredited by NBA.

The Institute is spread over 29 acres of land with large infrastructure supported by laboratories with state-of-the-art, Equipment & Machines. The Central Library with modern facilities occupying 4500 Sq. mts of area and including Digital Library provides the knowledge base for the students. (

The campus is WIFI equipped with large bandwidth internet facility. The organisation has good faculty strength with highest professional integrity and committed to the academics with transparency in their actions. Each faculty takes the responsibility of mentoring a certain number of students’ through personal attention paving the way for the students’ professional growth. The faculties are research oriented having number of sponsored R & D projects from different agencies such as Department of Science & Technology, Defense R & D organization, Indian Space Research Organization, AICTE etc. (Engineering College Direct Admission in Dayananda Sagar)


To impart quality technical education with a focus on Research and Innovation emphasizing on Development of Sustainable and Inclusive Technology for the benefit of society.


  • To provide an environment that enhances creativity and Innovation in pursuit of Excellence.
  • To nurture teamwork in order to transform individuals as responsible leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • To train the students to the changing technical scenario and make them to understand the importance of Sustainable and Inclusive technologies.


  • The Institution has secured the highest no. of Ranks for the entire University (VTU).
  • Grants Received Rs 284 lakhs for 36 funded projects funded by ISRO, DST, DBT, DRDO.
  • Received A National Mission Project from Department of Science and Technology to implement “Indigenous Magnetic Resonance Imaging (IMRI).
  • Institution is recognized by DSIR – Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.
  • UNISYS INNOVATION LABS, EMC2 and HUAWEI CLUB to strengthen Industry- Intuition Interactions.
  • Total 21 Research Centers are recognized by Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) and 116 faculty members have registered for Ph.D program.
  • A total of 68 Seminars & Workshops were organized by different departments with faculty and student participation. (Engineering College Direct Admission in Dayananda Sagar)
  • Published 166 journal/ conference papers and 228 seminar papers presented by faculties and students.

Why Engineering!!

Engg.. is an exciting, varied and rewarding career, and yet the UK has a shortage of young people applying for courses and jobs. Engg.. is a profession in which scientific knowledge and mathematics, gained through study, experiments and practice are applied with intuition or judgment to develop ways to use economically, the materials or forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. So many authors have given their personal definitions on their understanding of the word “engg..”. This word has turned the face of the earth to look more interesting and accommodating.

Life of an Engineer

In the early days, people who sacrificed their food, happiness, sleep, family, laughter, and other joys of life were called saints but now, they are called as Engineers.

There are many engineers who are burdened with their assignments, lack of sleep, less on social life and there are those who get busy in their own world of sci-fi movies and series.

The Major Importance of Engg..!!

The importance of engg.. to be elaborated on are related to six key areas. These six key areas are: 

  • Agricultural
  • Banking
  • Automobile
  • Educational
  • Marketing
  • Healthy sector

What Does A Typical Engineer Do?

(Engineering College Direct Admission in Dayananda Sagar)

Engineers are problem solvers, organizers, communicators, calculators and designers. They are capable of clearly defining a problem and its relevant constraints (such as time, cost, etc.) and providing a simple solution. A senior engineer will usually perform less technical work (calculations and designs) but instead focus on managing a project or team of engineers.

Different activities of an Engineer…

(Engineering College Direct Admission in Dayananda Sagar)

Enginering covers many different types of activity:

  • Engineers make things, they make things work and they make things work better
  • Engineers use their creativity to design solutions to the world’s problems
  • Engineers help build the future. (Engineering College Direct Admission in Dayananda Sagar)
  • Engineers work in almost every area that affect people – including biomedical engg.., like new materials for hip replacements or advanced prosthetics
  • Engineers make the food we eat and the medicines we take. They also develop new materials like high performance sports fabrics or new electronic displays
  • Engineers build the world around us including buildings, roads, bridges, schools and hospitals. (Engineering College Direct Admission in Dayananda Sagar)
  • Engineers also manage our water, gas and electricity supplies and they also develop new ways to generate electricity such as wind and solar power

Placement Training Activities

(Engineering College Direct Admission in Dayananda Sagar)

The Training and Placement Cell is also committed to enhance the employ-ability skills of the students by organizing following training programs.

  • Organizing Aptitude training programs to enhance quantitative, verbal, logical & reasoning skills.. (Engineering College Direct Admission in Dayananda Sagar)
  • Organizing soft-skills training to improve the student’s personality, Confidence level, Public Speaking skills, Conducting Mock Interviews, Group discussions.
  • Organizing subject/domain specific Technical Skills Training by Experts. Career counselling for pursuing higher studies.
  • Organizing entrepreneurship development programs to motivate the Students to become Entrepreneurs.

(Engineering College Direct Admission in Dayananda Sagar)

Please feel free to solve all your assumptions and queries ,Visit the website – , for more inquires- Ace Guru Education Services,  email us: [email protected]  for more details contact Ankit Mishra (+91-9742479101), Anis (+91-9742886036), Mayur Gautam (+91-9035556036)

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