Direct B-Tech Admission RV College of Engineering Bengaluru

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Direct B-Tech Admission RV College of Engineering Bengaluru
Direct B-Tech Admission RV College of Engineering Bengaluru

About RV College

RVCE is established in 1963 is one of the earliest self-financing institutes in the country. The institution is run by Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST) a not for profit trust. The trust runs over 25 institutions and RVCE is the flagship institute under the trust. RVCE is today recognized as one of India’s leading technical institution.

History of RVCE

Established in the year 1963, Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering ( RVCE or RV College of Engineering) is a private co-educational institute located in Bangalore also known as silicon valley of India. Enroll into Direct B-Tech Admission RV College of Engineering Bengaluru for 2022 Batch. RVCE is affiliated with Visvesvaraya technical university,(VTU) Belgaum, Karnataka. VTU university is the main university which provides affiliation to all private BE institute of Karnataka.

There are more than 150 BE institute located in Karnataka under VTU university among them RVCE is the no.1 private institute under VTU university. RVCE is also approved by AICTE, UGC. Ranked AAA+ by NAAC and top-ranked 33 institutes in the latest NIRF rankings.

RVCE Bangalore is the Best Private autonomous institute under VTU university for Direct Admission. There are not more than ten Autonomous institutes under VTU in Karnataka, which have the same facilities as private universities. In Autonomous institutes, it is easier to score good marks as the institute will handle all academics and will conduct exams for its own students. Exams question preparation as well as exams copy correction is done by institute administration in private autonomous institutes.



RVCE is spread over 51 acres and 6 guntas i.e., 21.30hectares. The total built up area is 85360 Sqm with all amenities. Ramps and lifts have been provided to help the differently abled and sick. 90% of the class rooms are provided with multimedia projectors and internet facility. All academic blocks have secured Wi-Fi connectivity.

Food Court: The institute Food Court is designed to cater to 1000 students & staff, it is spread over 500 square meters. The institute canteen is a place where students congregate to not only eat but exchange views. Our Food Court has a modern kitchen where food is steam cooked. The washed dishes are sterilized for hygienic serving. On campus we also have an extension food court counter. Enroll into Direct B-Tech Admission RV College of Engineering Bengaluru for 2022 Batch.

Transport: The campus being 12Kms from the heart of the city and more then 20Km from suburban areas of the city, the institute provides transportation facility for both students and staff. There are sufficient buses which take care of commutation of about one thousand students. There are two exclusive buses for the staff. Enroll into Direct B-Tech Admission RV College of Engineering Bengaluru for 2022 Batch. The city metropolitan transport service also runs city buses from important areas of city to the institute. Some of the BMTC route numbers are 220, 221, 222, 224, 227 etc.

Bank: An on campus banking facility is provided by Kotak Mahindra Bank. The branch is listed as Kotak Mahindra, RVCE branch. It is fully computerized and air conditioned. It caters to the need of 4000 students and staff. The ATM facility is a boon to the hostelites and faculty.The bank takes care of all the institute transaction. It also provides EC facility for parents and students to pay fees, hostel charges, mess bill, University fees etc.

Post Office: The campus has a branch post office, with the postal identification as R.V. Vidyaniketan P.O. The post office with an area of around 20 sqm, has the capacity to cater to the large number of inward and outward mails on a daily basis. Post Office also offers the small savings schemes.

Health Center: The campus has an exclusive health Center which is open to all the students and staff from 9 am to 7 pm. An Ambulence is stationed at the Health center to meet any emergencies. Enroll into Direct B-Tech Admission RV College of Engineering Bengaluru for 2022 Batch. In addition there is an exclusive clinical facility for hostelities from 5 pm to 7 pm. The health records of all hostelites are maintained on a regular basis to keep track of their health.

The Health center has Two Qualified Medical Officers and a nursing staff.

  1. Doctors.
  2. One Staff Nurse (5 yrs of Experience).
  3. One Helper (Trained in Hospital for 5 yrs.)
Facilities AvailableInstruments Available
Outpatient Dispensary
Minor Procedure Room
Ambulance service (24*7)
Ward for Day care admission (4 beds)
Isolation wards
BP Apparatus(Mercury Free)
Pulse Oxy meter
Oxygen Cylinders-2 numbers
Tuning Fork
Surgical Equipments to carry out minor procedures

Sports and Gymnasium: With the belief “A Healthy mind in a healthy body”, RVCE forays into sports arena and provides following facilities Cricket field , Football field, Hockey field, Volley ball court, Basket ball courts (both indoor and outdoor)Badminton courts (both indoor and outdoor), Shuttle badminton, Table tennis , Indoor Fames facility and Gymnasium.

Reprographic Services: Reprographic facilities are provided on Campus, located next to the Food Court. The facility caters to the documentation needs of the students and adds to their convenience.

Internet Facilities: RVCE has 300 Mbps Lease Line on Fibre , 10 Mbps BSNL bandwidth connectivity. The browsing centre has 100 nodes and is open 9:00 am to 12:00 midnight for access to students. RVCE is a Wi Fi enabled campus. Enroll into Direct B-Tech Admission RV College of Engineering Bengaluru for 2022 Batch. The Mission of the institution is to achieve self sustainability in terms of water, energy and waste management. Several steps have been taken to achieve this.

  • Rain Water Harvesting Phase – I
  • Rain Water Harvesting Phase – II
  • Rain Water Harvesting Phase – III
  • Open Well & Borewell Recharge
  • Reverse osmosis water treatment plant & Softening plant
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Solar Energy Harvesting
  • Waste management

Hostel: A home away from home’, is the concept of hostels in RVCE. We provide the best possible comfort needed for students. Enroll into Direct B-Tech Admission RV College of Engineering Bengaluru for 2022 Batch. The number of students accommodated in a room depends on the semester. As the concentration and privacy required is more as a student progresses to final year accordingly the accommodation is provided. Enroll into Direct B-Tech Admission RV College of Engineering Bengaluru for 2022 Batch.There are three mess facilities one for first year and the other two for seniors. There are exclusive Vegetarian mess facilities. The hostelites are provided sports, gymnasium and browsing facilities.

YearHostel NameNo. of RoomsNo. of Students
1st Year UGDJ Block83339
Cauvery Annexe30
2nd Year UGCauvery Block132264
3rd Year UGCauvery Block132264
4th Year UGSir M V Block254254
PGCauvery Block88176

Hostel Name: Sir M. Visweswaraiah Block :Final year students

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