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Direct B-Tech Admission BMS College of Engineering

Direct B-Tech Admission BMS College of Engineering

The BMS College of Technology is one of the most recognized and popular institutes of Engineering in the state of Karnataka. They have been recognized as an “Emerging Technical Institute in the state of Karnataka” by the VTU. Since Direct B-Tech Admission BMS College of Engineering has such an extraordinary and experienced staff and faculty members it is very much essential for the student’s development of skills and techniques which will help them to shine in their career later on.

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Direct B-Tech Admission BMS College of Engineering
Direct B-Tech Admission BMS College of Engineering


BMSCE, an institution with a class of its own, is one of the most sought-after institutes for high-quality education in the state. It is a well-established private college in Bangalore recognized by the AICTE, Government of India, and is affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi. Get Direct B-Tech Admission BMS College of Engineering -2022 batch Direct B-Tech Admission BMS College of Engineering

With its modern infrastructure, highly qualified and committed faculty, and active industry engagement, the institute has been recognized as an “Emerging Technical Institute in the state of Karnataka” by the VTU. AICTE has given a zero deficiency report for the institute. Get Direct B-Tech Admission BMS College of Engineering -2022 batch

The history of BMSCE establishments rewinds back to the year 1946 with the institution of the primary personal faculty within the country, BMSCE faculty of (BMSCE), by late Sri B.M Sreenivasaiah. He was a giver and an excellent visionary World Health Organization accomplished the requirement of technical education even before the country got independence. Get Direct B-Tech Admission BMS College of Engineering -2022 batch

He was worthy by the maharajah of Mysore with the title “Dharma Prakasha Raja Karya Prasaktha” for his extraordinary service within the field of education.

The inheritance he once began is being upheld with the identical zeal by his inheritors and that they still love his vision and ideals. Get Direct B-Tech Admission BMS College of Engineering -2022 batch

After the unhappy death of Sri B.M Sreenivasaiah, his illustrious son, Sri B.S Narayan, a spirited and ingenious temperament, molded the BMSCE faculty of into one in every of the best faculties.

other than the BMSCE faculty of, he had conjointly established alternative establishments that promoted instruction which has BMSCE faculty of Law, BMSCE faculty of ladies, and BMSCE Evening faculty of Get Direct B-Tech Admission BMS College of Engineering -2022 batch

He was extraordinarily verificatory within the initiation of many cooperative programs like coaching foreign students below International Co-operative Division, cross-cultural program with Melton Foundation U.S.A etc. Get Direct B-Tech Admission BMS College of Engineering -2022 batch

BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE), established within the year 2002 is one in every one of the six establishments below BMS academic Trust, being managed by a council of trustees appointed by Dr. B.S. Ragini Narayan, the successor lately Sri B.S Narayan and therefore the donor trustee and Member Secretary of BMSCE academic Trust.

It’s one in every of the simplest faculty in Bangalore. BMSCE faculty of design is that the latest in addition to the BMSCE cluster of establishments.


  • To emerge as one of the finest technical institutions of higher learning, to develop professionals who are technically competent, ethical and environment friendly for betterment of the society.


  • Accomplish stimulating learning environment through high quality academic instruction, innovation and industry-institute interface.

Principal’s Desk: Dr. Mohan Babu G N

Hello! Welcome to BMS college of engineering & Management, a part of a highly reputed BMS group of institutions. The “BMS” has not become a Brand by chance. It has been the outcome of exemplary vision, meticulous effort and undivided commitment of all its stakeholders over decades. Today, education at BMS institutions is a dream of everyone who aspires to be a leader in, simply because these institutions have in place, perfectly functional systems.

The system at BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE) is perfect as all its subsystems have been designed keeping in view the vision and mission of the institute, they gel well with each other, operate synchronously, and undergo continuous improvements. This holistic approach to education is what distinguishes BMSCE from others.

The vision and mission of BMSCE are firmly based on the ground reality of our world. We know that our world is getting more and more complex with every passing day. Apparently, this complexity is becoming incomprehensible and intractable even with great efforts by Governments, enterprises and professionals. The problems arising out of this complexity are huge, unique, and often unpredictable in implications.

Only engineers who can take a holistic approach, who have the right competencies, who can lead multicultural teams, and who can engage in continuous experimentation and life-long learning can provide complete solutions to these problems. Such an approach is inevitable for sustainable and inclusive economic development of the Globe too.

BMSCE has clearly understood its role in contributing to the world such engineers and managers who can confidently solve complex problems. Hence, the institute is not leaving any stone unturned in its path towards vision.
The Management of the institute, with a great clarity in its vision, has been very proactive in establishing a vast, green and serene campus; building world-class infrastructure, modern class rooms and state-of-the-art laboratories; allowing free hand to create exceptional human capital for teaching, research and extension services; and supporting all collaborative and networking efforts.

The highly qualified and dedicated faculty members have gained competencies to implement Outcome-Based Education (OBE) which is mandatory for programmes to get accredited as per Washington accord. By the way, OBE is an international standard of education today to develop students to their full potential.

For instance, this rich website that you are now enjoying is completely conceived, designed and developed by an interdisciplinary team of our students, which is a sample of their competency. The faculty members’ interest to work closely with students, and counsel to make them stress-free has no match.

They enjoy implementing newer and newer initiatives to make the education system at BMSCE even more effective and efficient so as to groom students to be fully industry- and society-ready. Our institute’s close partnership with industries has ensured a large number of internships and placement to students. No surprise, BMSCE has been conferred with several National awards in 2015 alone.

The institute is highly environment-loving. Hostel facilities are very good and known for hygiene, healthy and ragging-free environment. The opportunity for sports and multi-cultural activities is enormous. Round-the-clock security, CCTV surveillance in hostels, round-the clock power supply, continuous housekeeping, well-maintained garden, and institute’s transport system, all bear testimony to our commitment to provide the best life style to BMSCEians. What more one can ask for? It’s a dream place for anyone to get transformed into a valuable engineer. It could be your or your ward’s dream too.

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