Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology

Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology

Engineering is a passion in India and India has the highest rate of engineers. As job opportunity is increasing entrance in courses like B.E/B.Tech has recorded the highest number of seats intake. About more than 50,000 students every year appear for competitive exams so that they can get admitted into top engineering colleges of India on the basis of merit. Engineering is a four year degree program so right now there are Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology ACE GURU education Services believe in developing outstanding engineers and managers who are well-rounded individuals. So, we as your support are there to help you out with all the possible ways to get through it.

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Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology
Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology


B.M.S Institute of Technology, established in the year 2002 is one of the six institutions under B.M.S Educational Trust, being managed by a council of trustees appointed by Dr. B.S. Ragini Narayan, the successor of Late Sri B.S Narayan and the donor trustee and Member Secretary of B.M.S Educational Trust and it is one of the best engineering college in Bangalore. B.M.S School of Architecture is the latest addition to the B.M.S group of institutions. The history of B.M.S institutions rewinds back to the year 1946 with the establishment of the first private engineering college in the country, B.M.S College of Engineering (B.M.S.C.E), by late Sri B.M Sreenivasaiah.

(Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology)

He was a philanthropist and a great visionary who realised the necessity of technical education even before the country got independence. He was honoured by the Maharaja of Mysore with the title “Dharma Prakasha Raja Karya Prasaktha” for his extraordinary service in the field of education. The legacy he once began is being upheld with the same zeal by his inheritors and they continue to cherish his vision and ideals.

(Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology)

Engineering has changed the world. Learn what engineering is and about the main types of engineering, and then brainstorm a few of the problems engineering might solve in the future in this lesson.

(Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology)

Engineering is the application of science and math to solve problems. Engineers figure out how things work and find practical uses for scientific discoveries. Scientists and inventors often get the credit for innovations that advance the human condition, but it is engineers who are instrumental in making those innovations available to the world.

Skills of Engineering!!

(Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology)

Engineering skills include:

  • the scientific method

(Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology)

  • social, cultural and economic awareness
  • mathematics

(Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology)

  • biology, chemistry, physics and other areas of science
  • creativity
  • teamwork

(Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology)


(Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology)

  1. E. in Electronics and Communication
  2. E. in Computer Science and
  3. E. in Information Science and
  4. E. in Mechanical (Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology)
  5. E. in Electrical and Electronics
  6. E. in Telecommunication
  7. E. in Civil


The candidates shall have passed the 2nd year Pre University or 12th standard or equivalent examination held preceding the entrance test with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects, along with one of the following subjects – Chemistry, Bio, Computer Science, Biology or Electronics. The Candidate should have secured not less that 45% of aggregate marks in optional subjects with English as one of the languages for admissions to engineering.

What are the Advantages of Engineering?

  • Engineers often escalate to management positions and earn excellent money over the life of their careers.
  • If a career in research is interesting, an engineering degree can pave the way to further study.
  • Great salary right out of school
  • An engineering education can open many doors – with additional education, engineers can also become doctors, lawyers, writers, teachers, and business people
  • An understanding of high level math gives a greater understanding of the world around you, and application of this to real problems can be very satisfying
  • Abundant job opportunities worldwide.

(Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology)

Top 5 Reasons to Study Engineering

  1. Studying Engineering brings Prestige:-

Do not forget the prestige that comes with studying engineering. Non-engineers will be like “wow” when they hear that you are an engineer. Everyone knows how much effort is required to qualify as an engineer. They are also well aware of the sacrifices engineering students have to make during their studies. So the element of respect comes naturally.

(Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology)

  1. It sets you up for Professional Success:-

Your entire thought process changes. You learn how to think like an engineer. You acquire logical thinking and critical analysis skills. Decision-making skills are improved. You become more objective and less emotional when it comes to work. All of these skills are greatly needed in the professional world, in any field. So, engineers tend to do better no matter which sector they choose, and they also tend to make good managers. So much so, engineering is the most common undergraduate degree among Fortune 500 CEOs.

(Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology)

  1. You’ll be ready for any Problem:-

I am not saying that once you are done with the engineering degree, you will not encounter any more problems or difficulties in your life. You will. Probably even tougher than the ones faced during your degree. But at the same time, you will have acquired the skills and the confidence to deal with any kind of problem. You will know exactly how to go about it, and where to hit it. No problem – no matter how big – will seem insurmountable. In fact, you will start viewing every problem as a challenge and an opportunity to grow.

  1. It brings Financial Security:-

If you are the kind of person who craves a lavish and exuberant lifestyle or simply longs for a better future for your kids, then engineering is for you. The majority of educational think-tanks, blogs and news portals rate engineering as one of the top-paid degree programs. To be exact, engineering programs take up almost 40% of the slots in the top 10 paying majors’ lists. The most prominent and lucrative engineering disciplines are chemical, computer, electrical, nuclear and petroleum engineering. Average starting salaries are about US$60k, with the potential to reach US$180k as your career progresses.

  1. You get a Chance to Improve the World:-

It feels really wonderful when you know that you are actually positively contributing something to society. Words cannot describe the feeling when someone looks at a newly constructed bridge and says, “I built that bridge.” If you ever get a chance to ask an engineer about his/her work, notice how they beam with pride when talking about their contribution in creating something new, even if it is as simple as a “like” button on a website (see above – you know what to do…)


(Direct Admission in BMS Institute of Technology)

The department of Placement and Training was established during the year 2004. The very first batch of students under this department was placed from the campus in 2005-06. Initially the placement department collaborated with the department in B.M.S.C.E campus. As of date the department is fully sustained and provides complete placement solutions to the students of the institute and B.M.S.I.T.M has a good placement record in ranking of engineering colleges in Bangalore.

There has been a steady increase in the number of recruiting organizations since its establishment and at present we have around 150 organizations where in B.M.S.I.T alumni are making a difference, both to the glory of the company and an active change in the society.

The department facilitates the entire recruitment process by coordinating with various facilities in the campus. For the students to be placed in the prestigious organizations that come for recruitment, the department provides a complete training solution involving in house faculty and industry interactions. The students are also motivated to choose their career by the experienced alumni at prestigious posts.

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