Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology Direct ECE Admission

Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology Direct ECE Admission

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Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology Direct ECE Admission


Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management (TC) is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Govt. of India and affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University. It has widest choice of Engineering Branches having 6 Under Graduate Courses, B. Architecture, MCA & MBA programs.


To strive at creating the institution a centre of highest calibre of learning, so as to create an overall intellectual atmosphere with each deriving strength from the other to be the best of engineers, scientists and mathematicians.


  • To serve its region, state, the nation and globally by preparing students to make meaningful contributions in an increasing complex global society..
  • To encourage, reflection on and evaluation of emerging needs and priorities with state of art infrastructure.
  • To support research and services establishing enhancements in technical, health, economic, human and cultural development..
  • To establish inter disciplinary centre of excellence.
  • To increase the number of Doctorate holders to promote research culture on campus.

“Electronics and Communications

Engineers are very much

In demand

Throughout Industry”


The field of Electronics and Communications Engineering has its foundations in three major technical areas: Mathematics: Information, Networks and Systems, Physics: Circuits, Semiconductor Devices & Optical Systems, and Computers: Microprocessors and Computing devices.

Electronics & Communication Engineering deals with the electronic devices, circuits, communication equipment’s like transmitter, receiver, integrated circuits (IC). It also deals with basic electronics, analogue and digital transmission & reception of data, voice and video (Example AM, FM, DTH), microprocessors, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennae and wave progression.

It aims to deepen the knowledge and skills of the students on the basic concepts and theories that will equip them in their professional work involving analysis, systems implementation, operation, production, and maintenance of the various applications in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering.

About The Department

Intake of the Department = 120

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering started in the year 2011 and is under the Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, Karnataka. The Department offers four-year B.E program in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The Department has an excellent infrastructure and is well-equipped with laboratories. The Department has a highly competent and devoted faculty with teaching and industrial experience, qualified from reputed institutions of India, who are responsible for overall academic growth and results. An excellent environment is provided both for the students and faculties for creative development. Department is recently sanctioned with Research Centre under VTU Belagavi.


To produce proficient engineers, excelling the needs of current technological advancements in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering by establishing a learning environment consistent with industry standards in academics and research at global stage fulfilling the societal needs


  • M1: To impart high-quality technical education and provide training on latest technologies.
  • M2: To develop innovation and creativity among students enabling leadership and entrepreneurship skills with ethical values
  • M3: To facilitate continuous learning among faculties with excellence in research and consultancy.
  • M4: To ensure more doctorate supporting research blend among students.
  • M5: To create centres of excellence in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering with industrial and university collaborations.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates should have passed Karnataka 2nd PUC / 12th standard or equivalent examination recognized by AICTE and State Government in Physics and Mathematics subjects along with Chemistry / Electronics / Biology / Biotechnology / Computer Science as optional subjects and English as one of the languages of study. Students must have obtained a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate (40% for SC/ST/OBC).

Candidate must also qualify in one of the following entrance exams:


Benefits of ECE

Emerging Areas of ECE:- The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) provides a list of emerging areas in electrical and computer engineering.

ECE Impact on Humans and Society:- Electrical and Computer Engineering at OSU has faculty and students working in the following areas, each of which has a significant impact on humans and society: (Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology Direct ECE Admission)

  1. Analogue and Radio Frequency Electronic Circuits:- Without these, there’d be no cell phones, no wifi, not even television. (Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology Direct ECE Admission)
  2. Communication and Signal Processing:- is concerned with the transmission, storage, and analysis of information signals. While traditionally electrical engineers worked on communicating and analysing speech, audio, image, and video signals, nowadays they work on a much wider variety of problems, such as recovering and analysing physiological and genomic signals, ecological and environmental signals, consumer preference data, financial time series, and many others.
  3. Computer and Digital Systems:- Humankind is advancing faster technologically than ever before with the help of computers. These digital systems are everywhere, from your dishwasher and wristwatch to the Mars rovers, and everything in between.
  4. Networking:- The internet is having a profound impact on society, bringing people across the world together to work collaboratively from different countries. It also spreads and promotes democracy. (Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology Direct ECE Admission)
  5. Computer Vision and Image Processing:- These technologies make it possible for computers to analyse data from magneto-resonance imaging and other medical imaging devices to not only display images but identify diseases. Computer vision experts teach computers how to recognize faces, while image processing people can de-blur images, extract features, and even make art. (Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology Direct ECE Admission)
  6. Control Systems, Robotics, and Intelligent Transportation:- Automation to reduce human toil in the workplace; enhance safety in manufacturing systems, automobiles (via anti-skid braking systems or self-driving vehicles), and aircraft (e.g., via auto-pilots); biomedical applications including automatic drug delivery (e.g., insulin control for diabetics), controlled prostheses, and robotic surgery; pollution reduction in automobiles and aircraft. (Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology Direct ECE Admission)

(Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology Direct ECE Admission) 

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