Can we take direct admission in RV College of Engineering ?

Can we take direct admission in RV College of Engineering ?

Can we take direct admission in RV College of Engineering ? (RVCE) Through Management Quota. Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering will definitely be based on 12th marks. Can we take direct admission in RV College of Engineering ?

Which have to be better than 45% in PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Arithmetic). Prices per year will be very same 2 lakhs for direct admission. Can we take direct admission in RV College of Engineering ?

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Can we take direct admission in RV College of Engineering?
Can we take direct admission in RV College of Engineering ?


In any kind of department of engineering in RVCE, the hostel will likely be exact same eighty thousand yearly. The one added quantity that you must pay is the contribution quantity for direct admission in RVCE, Bangalore.

The donation quantity is taken care of As soon as by the college administration. Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering Likewise, seat bookings for direct admission begin as shortly because the outcomes for course 12th is said (i.e from the month of April).

Feedback & Overview

Typical package deal in RV College of Engineering management quota fees positioning is someplace in between 6 to7 lakhs per year. In addition to the best package deal could rise to 30 to 40 lakhs every year.

In some main course worldwide corporations like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and so forth. Most of the previous trainees from RVCE properly cleared up in a number of the ton of cash 5 hundred corporations of the world. Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering

RV College of Engineering will definitely not simply offer you a level nevertheless. It should rework you into a number one class designer with greater than 2 or extra duties makes use of after you full your design. Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering


Provides professional classes for developing good infrastructure and technologies together. It brings the best teaching facility with creative thinking. Creates a well know learning environment with professional experts and bring out the capability of every student.Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering


“Prajvalito Jnanamaya Pradipah”, the Sanskrit quotes which depict as shining the lamp of knowledge in terms of English. Can we take direct admission in RV College of Engineering ?

RV College of Engineering Management quota Fees:

Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering Fees: 7,50,000(per year)

Electronic and Communication Fees5,00,000(per year)

Information Science and Engineering Fees5,00,000(per year)

Electrical and Electronics Engineering: 4,00,000(per year)

Mechanical Engineering Fees: 6,00,000(per year)

Civil Engineering Fees: 4,50,000(per year)

Telecommunication Engineering Fees: 3,00,000(per year)

Institute of Engineering and Management Fees: 3,50,000(per year)

Chemical Engineering: 3,00,000(per year)

Chemical Engineering: 3,00,000(per year) Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering

Can we take direct admission in RV College of Engineering ?

Research @ RVCE

Patents Filed (as on 15.01.2021)Patents Published (as on 15.01.2021)Patents Granted (as on 15.01.2021)

Consultancy details as on 15-11-2017

Sanctioned Project Details as on 15-11-2017

Indian-Indexed Journal Publications

Scopus-Indexed Journal Publications

Google-Scholar-Indexed Journal Publications

Web-of-Science Indexed Journal Publications

Publication Citation

List of Sponsored Funded R and D  projects taken up during 2013-2016(ongoing)

List of Sponsored Funded R and D projects taken up during 2013-2016(completed)

List of Sponsored Funded R and D projects taken up during 2010-2016(all)

Revised Focus on Research in line with the Institutional Vision

Materials & Manufacturing Engineering with additional capability for Design for Optimization of Manufacturing processes and production.

The broad areas of materials worked include polymers, composites, wide range of nano materials (metals, ceramics and semiconductors) and amorphous materials.

  • Sensors, Networks and Communication(RF & THz)
  • Nano Science, Surface Engineering & MEMS
  • Data Mining/ Data warehousing or Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing,
  • Environment And Sustainable Technologies with a focus on Smart buildings and Smart Cities
  • Clean & Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency & Management
  • Large Area and Plastic / Printable (Flexible) Microelectronics
  • Advanced Instrumentation
  • Highways and Transport technology

Department of Placement and Training

The academic excellence at RVCE is reflected in its student’s exemplary record in placements in the corporate and engineering sectors. RVCE has consistently maintained an excellent recruitment record. The graduates and post- graduates of RVCE have been recruited by some of the world’s leading corporate, besides leading Indian companies.

The sheer diversity of Indian economy and society, whose different shades are represented among the students and faculty, prepares the students to work in global multicultural corporations / industries with following agenda. Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering

  • To assist the development of graduates with balanced set of technical skills, interpersonal skills and with a positive attitude to life.
  • To act as a nodal agency in the Institution for forging technology. alliance between the Departments of RVCE and the Industries. Can we take direct admission in RV College of Engineering ?
  • To act as a seamless conduit between the Industry and the Institute and provide quality technical manpower to suit every organizational Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering

About the department

Department of Placement and Training


  • Sustained Excellence in Training, Placement and Career Guidance


  • To develop the Department of placement & training as a single window nodal point for career counselling and Higher learning in Engineering & Technology fields
  • To set up the Training Infrastructure for conducting value added training programs and enhance the employ ability of students
  • To institute the best practices in conducting and co-coordinating the campus placement process for the industries in the institution
  • To acquire the services of competent training agencies to train the students in soft skills and personality development programmed.

About the Department

The Department of placement & training was established as a separate entity in the year 1997. The Department presently coordinates with more than 200 leading organizations which recruits Engineers/Techno crafts and GET/ PGET’s for entry level positions in their respective organizations.

In the year of inception, the department modestly established contact with about 30 organizations and placed 140 numbers of students.

With every passing year, the number of recruiting organizations have increased in geometric progression on an average about 200 nationally renowned organization visiting the campus annually & conduct their recruitment process in our campus and 1200 offers have been made by 178 companies / Organization for 2016 passing out batch.

The independent placement & training block in the first floor of the Administrative block has been built with a view to provide the complete autonomy and convenience for executives to conduct fair and transparent talent search to recruit good quality engineers for positions in organizations.

  The Department has set up all the required facilities for the conduction of the recruitment process such as seminar hall for company presentations, group discussion rooms and conferencing facilities, interview and discussion rooms.

Soft skill Training program

The Training Programme which is being offered at the institutional level and being facilitated by the Department of Training & Placement is aimed at orienting the students with life skills. Career orientation is achieved by training the students on the skills needed for a career in the corporate through a total of 72 Hours of Training on the different dimensions of development of individuals.

The programmed is spread over the 2nd & 3rd year of the Bachelors Degree programmed and involves 36 hours of Training by our partners rich in experience & sound on the knowledge & skills of the pedagogical aspects of personality orientation & development.

 Value added activities

The Department of Placement & Training is recognized for its ability to plan and implement value added programs such as the Personality development programs, Technology Training Programs and Bridge Courses in the areas of interest and requirements for the Industry. This adds to the credentials of the students and builds the quality of the engineering professionals from the college.

Placement and Training Department is also providing necessary Pre-Placement Training for the pre-final year students in the form of Pre-Placement talks arranged by various industries / corporate, training from the seniors on nature of the written test being imparted and process of interview of different industries.

Placement Department also regularly organizes talks from the various professionals from different universities for pursuing higher education in abroad and talks from trainers for taking competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, Aptitude etc.

Career guidance and Higher education: The Department of placement and training is a nodal agency for providing inputs on career opportunities for higher studies. Many international universities visit the campus and placement & training department facilitates in conducting orientation and counselling on higher education opportunities. In addition to the placement activities, the Department involves in mentoring students for opportunities in higher education, entrepreneurship and internship.

Scholarship: The Department also engages with the corporate to offer scholarship to students on merit cum means basis. The scholarship to the tune of Rs.72,00,000/- is instituted with approximately 110 beneficiaries.


Sl NoBranchYear of StartingIntakeProgram Code
1Aerospace Engineering201560AS
3Civil Engineering1963120CV
4Chemical Engineering198240CH
5Computer Science & Engineering1984180CS
6Electrical & Electronics Engineering196360EE
7Electronics & Communication Engineering1972180EC
8Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering198160EI
9Industrial Engineering & Management198060IM
10Information Science & Engineering200060IS
11Mechanical Engineering1963120ME
12Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering199260ET

RVCE-PG Programs Offered

Sl NoProgram NameYear of StartingIntakeProgram CodeUrl
1Master of Computer Applications1997120MCA
2Structural Engineering200618MST
3Highway Technology200918MHT
4Product Design & Manufacturing200436MPD
5Computer Integrated &  Manufacturing200518MCM
6Machine Design200618MDM
7Power Electronics200618MPE
8VLSI Design & Embedded Systems200536MVE
9Communication Systems200618MCS
10Computer Science & Engineering200418MCE
11Computer Network Engineering200518MCN
12Digital Communication200436MDC
13Radio Frequency and Microwave Enineering201318MRM
14Software Engineering200618MSE
15Information Technology200718MIT
Can we take direct admission in RV College of Engineering ?

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