BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission

BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission

In the event if you are trying to join BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission, we are here to guide and help you for further procedures to complete the process of admittance.

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BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission


B.M.S. College of Engineering (BMSCE) is an autonomous institute in Basavangudi, Bangalore, India. The institute, started in 1946 by B. M. Sreenivasaiah, was the first private sector initiative in technical education in India and is run by the BMS Educational Trust. It was affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University from 1998 to 2008, and became autonomous in 2008. BMSCE is located on the Basavangudi Area Bull Temple Road, diagonally opposite to the famous Bull Temple. Though a private institute, it is partially funded by the Government of Karnataka.

Principal’s Desk

A nation’s real and sustainable growth is possible with the technological advancement and development of its human resource. The role of engineers are it in the areas like construction, mechanical, electrical or software assumes so much more importance.

Modern technology has made the world a level playing field. With globalization, engineers should be able to perform in a larger environment and are expected face challenges & find solutions in any given situation. Thus they have a greater scope to exhibit their skills. The key to meet the demand for such quality engineers remains in providing holistic education.

The meet these challenges, BMSCE offers best engg programmes benchmarked with the leading educational institutions in the Country.

The institution emphasizes on creating an environment that promotes excellence. This takes the form of various initiatives to energize the different factors that impact the quality of education.

A planned programme of study is one of the important components which are stressed upon the most. BMSCE has progressively implemented the academic autonomy by developing outcomes based approach to curriculum design and delivery. The curriculum is need-based and focuses on the overall development of students. The autonomous status has given the institute excellent opportunity to revise, redesign or introduce innovations in the curriculum to suit the needs of industry.

The high rate of academic performance and placement record is testimony of the outcomes owing to these measures. Well qualified & experienced faculty and committed staff are eager to provide effective education to students. The institute facilitates number of para-academic activities which help the students to understand the relationship between what they learn and their application in the real world.

The full fledged facilities enable the students to train and set new benchmarks. The institution puts continuous effort to improve the student support and services. The institution continuously monitors the progress of the students through various academic and para-academic committees.

The achievement of the institution over the last few years can be measured to which the institution has achieved its goals and the academic and learning performance of its students. The Goal of the Institution to achieve NAAC and NBA accreditation with Tier-I Accreditation were achieved with distinction. Register into BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission – 2023 session

Under Technical Educational Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP-A World Bank Project), the institution has been rated as one of the high performing institutes in the country. The institute has played a significant role in developing human resource to meet the requirement of society at home and abroad. Over the past 70 years of its illustrious existence, BMSCE has produced more than 35000 engineers who have enriched the world through their contribution to technology and development. Register into BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission – 2023 session


Among colleges, BMSCE ranked 18th by India Today in 2017, 45 by Outlook India in 2016 and 67 by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2018. Register into BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission – 2023 session


Late Sri B. M. Sreenivasaiah

In the history of Karnataka, the name of Late Businayana Mukundadas Sreenivasaiah (BMS) occupies a prominent place in the field of Philanthropy. The Maharaja of Mysore honored him with the title of Raja Karya Prasaktha in 1946. Register into BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission – 2023 session

He started the B.M.S. College of Engineering in the same year. He had forseen the urgent need for high quality technical education in India, even before independence. The ideals are for which Sri. B. M. Sreenivasaiah stood, continued to inspire the inheritors of his legacy. Register into BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission – 2023 session

Late Sri B. S. Narayan

After the demise of “Sri. B. M. Sreenivasaiah”, his dynamic and enterprising son Sri. B. S. Narayan, took over the reigns of the institute. The institution grew from strength to strength under his able guidance. Register into BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission – 2023 session

He was also instrumental in initiating international collaborative programmers such as training foreign students under International Co-operation Division (ICD) and cross cultural programs with Melton Foundation. Register into BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission – 2023 session


  • The CIE consists of Two TESTs and Two quizzes/ AA T for normal courses and varies accordingly for the other type of courses. Register into BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission – 2023 session
  • TWO TESTs ARE COMPULSORY and sum of the two tests, along with the scores obtained in the quizzes/ AA T shall be considered for computing the final CIE of a student in a given course.
  • The TWO TESTs shall be conducted in a centralized manner. The quizzes/AAT shall be conducted by the course faculty with due approval from the HOD. No quizzes/AAT shall be conducted during regular teaching hours; that means they shall be administered during post-lunch session with due approval from the respective HOD. Advance notification for the conduction of Quiz/ AA T is mandatory and the responsibility lies with the concerned course faculty. Register into BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission – 2023 session
  • Each TEST shall be administered within a week (Monday through Saturday) taking one course per day; thus two weeks are allocated for the two TESTs. In the event of a holiday occurring during the scheduled test week or if there are more than six courses in a semester, two TESTs (for two courses) shall be conducted in a day during the TEST WEEK. Register into BMS College Bengaluru Direct Engineering Admission – 2023 session
  • No Institutional/Departmental level activities shall be scheduled during the TEST weeks.
  • COMPENSATORY TEST: A COMPENSATORY TEST will be provided for those students who are having satisfactory attendance, course-wise, but remained absent for the TEST due to a valid/unavoidable circumstances, like:
  • Students seeking prior leave on account of:
    1. Accident or severe illness leading to hospitalization, which disables the student from writing the TEST
    2. A calamity in the family (first relation Only-Parents, Grandparents and Siblings) barring the student from writing the TEST

In the event of (i) and (ii) above, it is mandatory on the part of student/parent to inform the respective departmental authorities (Proctor/HOD) immediately through email or mobile message and submit a prior leave request. If the information reaches the Proctor first, it is the responsibility of the Proctor to immediately intimate the HOD and record the same in the Proctor’s diary without fail.

After such an event at the time of reporting to the institute, the student must submit all the relevant reports/certificates from the competent authority for approval of the prior leave request. The prior leave request will then be converted to official leave and an endorsement will be issued by the institute, based on which the student becomes eligible for the COMPENSATORY TEST. Register into

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