RV College Direct Management Quota

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RV College Direct Management Quota

Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering (RVCE) Through Management Quota. Direct Admission in RV College of Engineering will definitely be based on 12th marks. Which have to be better than 45% in PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Arithmetic). Prices per year will be very same 2 lakhs for direct admission.

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In any kind of department of engineering in RVCE, the hostel will likely be exact same eighty thousand yearly. The one added quantity that you must pay is the contribution quantity for direct admission in RVCE, Bangalore.

The donation quantity is taken care of As soon as by college administration. Likewise, seat bookings for direct admission begin as shortly because the outcomes for course 12th is said (i.e from the month of April).

Feedback & Overview RV College Direct Admission

Typical package deal in RV College of Engineering management quota fees positioning is someplace in between 6 to7 lakhs per year. In addition to the best package deal could rise to 30 to 40 lakhs every year.

In some main course worldwide corporations like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and so forth. Most of the previous trainees from RVCE properly cleared up in a number of the ton of cash 5 hundred corporations of the world.

RV College of Engineering will definitely not simply offer you a level nevertheless. It should rework you into a number one class designer with greater than 2 or extra duties makes use of after you full your design.


Provides professional classes for developing good infrastructure and technologies together. It brings the best teaching facility with creative thinking. Creates a well know learning environment with professional experts and bring out the capability of every student.



“Prajvalito Jnanamaya Pradipah”, the Sanskrit quotes which depict as shining the lamp of knowledge in terms of English.

RV College of Engineering Fees:

  • Computer Science and Engineering Fees: 7,50,000(per year)
  • Electronic and Communication Fees5,00,000(per year)
  • Information Science and Engineering Fees5,00,000(per year)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering: 4,00,000(per year)
  • Mechanical Engineering Fees: 6,00,000(per year)
  • Civil Engineering Fees: 4,50,000(per year)
  • Telecommunication Engineering Fees: 3,00,000(per year)
  • Institute of Engineering and Management Fees: 3,50,000(per year)
  • Chemical Engineering: 3,00,000(per year)
  • Chemical Engineering: 3,00,000(per year)